Drones and AI help find pebble-sized meteorite that landed in 2021

Locating meteorites on Earth’s floor is like in search of a needle in a haystack, however utilizing AI to analyse photographs captured by drones pinpointed a tiny house rock in simply 4 days


11 March 2022

The meteorite as seen by the drone

The meteorite as seen by the drone and algorithm: the yellow field is 100 sq. centimetres

Anderson et al. (2022)

A meteorite has been efficiently recovered utilizing drones and a machine-learning algorithm for the primary time. The improvement marks a step ahead in enhancing the method of looking out Earth’s floor for extraterrestrial rocks.

Typically, when a meteorite falls to Earth, it takes a group of 5 or extra folks to visually search the bottom across the fall zone to search out it. While the method may be profitable, it’s pricey and time-consuming.

Seamus Anderson …

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