Dua Lipa’s Favorite Cult Accessory Brand Releases New Obsession-Worthy Zodiac Collection

String Ting, the cult accent model made viral by a number of mega celebrities throughout the now distant 2020 has confirmed it’s greater than only a fast pandemic marvel. On March 21, the Gen Z-favorite label identified for its addictive wristlets launched its new Zodiac Collection in collaboration with Celebrity Astrologer, Aliza Kelly.

String Ting’s newest assortment options 12 must-have, sparkly designs that symbolize every astrological signal, marking the model’s first-ever assortment and signaling the start of seasonal releases.

Rachel Steed-Middleton, the ex-corporate govt who’s now founder and Creative Director for String Ting, began making the fun-filled wristlets as a part of an area fundraiser together with her children. Steed-Middleton should still discover it surreal that she primarily began a world phenomenon, however there isn’t a denying within the enterprise stats that the model is now past simply these loyal followers which might be vastly influential (assume Dua Lipa, Gigi Hadid, and Kendall Jenner).

“The initial inspiration for String Ting was color and optimism — I wanted to create something that people can carry with them every day to bring them joy. From there, String Ting evolved to everyday jewelry for your phone that makes you smile — and with designs that fit every type of style.” Steed-Middleton tells me. “I’m thrilled to take that concept one step further in collaboration with Aliza [Kelly] for the Zodiac collection. Now clients can find a Ting that not only fits their style but perfectly showcases their cosmic personality.”

Steed-Middleton described the assembly with Kelly as cosmic. A star astrologer, columnist, writer, and host, Kelly reached out to Steed-Middleton with a pitch to create an astrology assortment collectively, with out realizing that an astrology assortment had been on Steed-Middleton’s thoughts for a very long time. It’s solely becoming that the viral accent, or Tings as named by followers affectionately, is now extra obsession-worthy than ever.

Kelly says: “Rachel and I have spent the past several months working together, pairing my astrological expertise with her impeccable design sensibility to create a stunning collection of twelve celestial-inspired Tings that truly capture the essence of each zodiac sign.”

The assortment, launched simply in time for Spring and certain to develop into a fixture on the development board, continues with String Ting’s joyous aesthetics whereas emanating a contemporary vibe of recent starting by mixing the model’s signature crystals, freshwater pearls, and hearts.

Each of the 4 components — fireplace, earth, air, and water — has a unifying attribute that visually displays the personalities of every signal.

FIRE: The Ting designs for the three Fire Signs — Aries, Leo, Sagittarius — embrace the signature design of the Fire Dome: flaming beads surrounding a stellar, prismatic crystal on the high of the wristlet, reflecting the fervour, dynamism, and magnetism of those vibrant indicators.

EARTH: The design for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn all characteristic elegant iridescent clovers, which represents this component’s connection to the pure world, together with the luck and fortune bestowed upon these magnificent people.

AIR: The Air indicators — Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius — are represented by an impressive gradient of purple-hued gems: Lavender, violet, and amethyst, representing Air’s connection to issues of the thoughts, symbolizing their potential to seamlessly traverse previous, current, and future.

WATER: The most psychic component of the zodiac, the Water indicators – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces — all characteristic dreamy freshwater pearls, linking these Tings to the signal’s oceanic roots. Emotional, intuitive, and effortlessly poetic, the pearls will remember to illuminate the paranormal pathways that outline this component’s signature dreamscape.

The Zodiac Collection in Collaboration with Aliza Kelly at the moment are accessible to buy on Each Ting retails for £65 GBP / €79 EUR / $89 USD.

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