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Fillers may help restore lost volume on an aging face


Facial fillers can be used to boost volume in your mid-face as you age.

Q. I’ve noticed that I started to look a little droopy and my face looks elongated. Is there something you could do without surgery to fix this?

A. It’s all about the volume.

As people get older or exercise more, they lose volume in the mid-face, which tends to make the face look older. By losing volume here, the face collapses, creating larger nasolabial folds with more prominent jowling.

Unfortunately, a great majority of injectors get this concept wrong and make everybody’s face look like avatars.

When trying to improve volume in the face, volume should be enhanced in the mid-face and then laterally. Most providers give such big cheeks that people look like caricatures of themselves.

By putting volume in the middle face, the face takes on a heart-shape look where the nasolabial folds are less noticeable and the jowling area gets lifted.

I often will correct one side of the face initially for the patient so they can compare the results. I don’t leave it that way; I do the other side immediately.

I will use some of the more dense fillers such as Voluma, Defyne and other hyaluronic acids that can last up to one to two years.

When done properly, this procedure is very rewarding for both the patient and the physician.

Dr. Carlos Wolf Miami

Dr. Carlos Wolf is a partner in Miami Plastic Surgery and is board certified. Email questions to him at

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