Five Days at Memorial review: The hospital hit by Hurricane Katrina

Based on the book by journalist Sheri Fink, this TV mini-series dramatises the shocking stories of health workers and patients whose lives are changed forever as Hurricane Katrina overwhelms a US hospital in 2005, finds Bethan Ackerley


10 August 2022

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Anna Pou (Vera Farmiga), front, and Karen Wynn (Adepero Oduye)

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Five Days at Memorial

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ON 11 September 2005, 45 bodies were recovered from Memorial Medical Center, New Orleans. The hospital had been hit by Hurricane Katrina, then the most devastating storm in US history. Patients, staff and their families were stranded for five days by floodwaters. Conditions were apocalyptic. Deaths were expected.

The aftermath brought uncomfortable revelations. Some bodies contained potentially dangerous levels of morphine and other drugs. The actions of Anna Pou, a doctor at the hospital, were …

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