Further calls for information as investigation into killing of young Melbourne rapper ramps up

Detectives are now renewing their calls for the public’s help after Chris Habiyakare, 24, was shot dead in his Sunshine North home after 8.30pm on August 24 when he answered a knock at the door.

A group of men stormed their way into the Essex Street house, believed to be armed with a range of weapons, including a gun, and got into a fight with Mr Habiyakare, resulting in him being shot.

Chris Habiyakare was at his Sunshine North home on August 24 with two male and three female friends when he was shot by intruders. (Supplied Nine)

Police initially believed the attack was related to an incident that took place at Mr Habiyakare’s home three days earlier, on August 21, when a group went to the house and confronted him.

No one was injured during that altercation.

Detective Inspector Tim Day said the group responsible for Mr Habiyakare’s death had likely tried to use the earlier altercation as cover.

“Based on the information we’ve received, it’s becoming increasingly likely that the actual group responsible for Chris’ death was aware of the previous now unrelated altercation and has tried to take advantage of it,” he said.

“They have most likely attempted to use it as a cover to throw off any suspicions on them in terms of what has happened to Chris.”

Paramedics attended the home, however Chris was not able to be revived and died at the scene. (Supplied Nine)

Police believe the attack on Mr Habiyakare was targeted, but the exact motive for the shooting is unknown.

They believe they have seized the gun responsible for the shooting.

Inspector Day said forensic testing was still taking place on the weapon, which was found on someone during a separate investigation several weeks ago, but it was likely the gun used to kill Mr Harbiyakare.

Police have today released CCTV footage of a hatchback that drove along the street where Mr Harbiyakare was killed about 8.15pm on the night of the shooting in hope of obtaining more information.

Police are searching for information about a hatchback that drove down the street on the night he was killed. (Nine)

Anyone who knows anything about the car is urged to contact police.

Police are still calling for help to identify two men from two images they released last week.

Detectives want to speak to anyone with any information that could be related to Mr Harbiyakare’s death, including anyone who was in the area between 5pm and 10pm on August 24 and could have dashcam footage.

“Investigators are also keen to speak to anyone who has any information about parties who may have has some kind of issue or disagreement with Chris at any time over the past 12 months,” Inspector Day said.

Homicide Squad detectives have today released two images of people they are looking to identify as part of their investigation into the death of Chris Habiyakare in Sunshine North earlier this year. (Victoria Police)

“It may relate to a minor physical altercation… it may be a dispute over, cash, drugs or anything at all.

“It doesn’t matter how innocuous or irrelevant that issue might have been, it could potentially provide the key to progressing this investigation.”

Inspector Day said it was likely the last chance for any offenders to come forward before they were caught.

Father Belthrand Habiyakare told reporters of his anguish losing his son. (Nine)

“I’ve got no doubt that the people responsible for this will be apprehended,” he said.

Last week, Mr Habirakare’s father Belthrand Habiyakare spoke of his heartbreak over losing his son.

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