Genetically engineered micro organism have realized to play tic-tac-toe

E. coli micro organism modified to behave like digital elements referred to as memristors might be set as much as act as a easy neural community and skilled to play noughts and crosses


13 May 2022

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Wells of micro organism representing a tic-tac-toe grid

Alfonso Jaramillo/CSIC

For the primary time, people have performed tic-tac-toe – also called noughts and crosses – with micro organism. These had been no peculiar micro organism, however E. coli extensively genetically modified and set as much as act as a easy neural community, a type of artificial intelligence.

This method may have all types of functions, from creating dwelling supplies able to studying to creating “smart” microbiomes, says Alfonso Jaramillo on the Spanish National Research Council.

He and his workforce began with an E. coli pressure genetically modified …

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