German Catering Company Is Turning Invasive Species into Haute Cuisine


A Berlin meals truck is opening individuals’s minds and mouths by feeding them a menu of invasive species with the slogan, “If you can’t beat them, eat them!”

Serving up Louisiana crawfish, baked nutria, Chinese crab, carp sandwiches, Nile geese, racoon steak, and extra, Holycrab! helps management invasive populations and instructing of us that not each dinner has to include cattle.

While people have largely narrowed consumed animal proteins to lower than ten species, invasive populations world wide trigger trillions of {dollars} in damages, and maybe a 3rd of all extinctions.

Holycrab! began out when enterprise consultants Lukas and Juliane Bosch discovered that Louisiana crawfish have been invasive within the metropolis of Berlin. With crawfish being a neighborhood delicacy within the U.S. for its lobster-like style, they quickly joined forces with Berlin connoisseur chef Andreas Michelus to plot a crawfish-based menu for a meals truck, and began shopping for from a licensed fisherman.

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Now the menu has grown to incorporate racoon, that are hunted to regulate the inhabitants. Nile goose with inexperienced sauce was added when farmers complained that the invasive geese have been consuming their watercress and sorrel crops (the chief elements of inexperienced sauce).


“We deliberately started with the food truck to try out new recipes and get the opportunity to talk to people.” Lukas Bosch explains. “For instance, the Chinese mitten crab came from China to Germany about a 100 years ago on cargo ships. It’s grotesque how big they grow and thrive here. The Chinese pay gourmet prices for them because water pollution has made them a rarity in China.”

The couple was impressed by the “invasivore” motion led by University of Vermont conservationist Joe Roman, who maintains the Eat the Invaders web site. There one can discover recipes for nutria, garlic mustard, Japanese knot weed, Asian shore crab, lion fish, and extra.

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Even in one of the aggressive meals markets in Europe, Holycrab! picked up the 2020 Eat! Berlin Award.

Their work is an indication that even in a contemporary metropolis, with one thing as small as a meals truck, individuals can nonetheless work to guard their ecosystems.

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