Guy Tries His Best to Catch a Bunny Rabbit, Captures the Hilarious Fail on Video

Three weeks ago, a man was caught in an amusing predicament after buying a pet rabbit.

“I went straight to a park,” explained YBS Bunny on YouTube, who was alone, at the time. “Bad idea.”

“Let’s say he gave me a run for my money. 😂”

He bought the rabbit to learn how to reconnect with the earth, by finding something to bond with.

“Then your bond, your connection, will extend to other things on the planet. People get ducks; people get cats; I chose a rabbit.”

Check out YBS Bunny’s epic chase around a tree, as he tries to capture his pet back in the box, in the video below.

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The white wabbit did finally leave the safety of the tree, and scampered into the open lawn—we’re hoping it got easier from there.

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