Health insurer could face multi-million-dollar fine over hack

Health insurer Medibank could face a multi-million-dollar fine after a hack that left customers’ data exposed to criminals.

A government investigation has begun into whether the health insurer took reasonable steps to protect its customers’ data.

Fines of up to $2.2 million per violation are on the table.

The AFP says Russian cybercriminals are behind the Medibank hack.
The AFP says Russian cybercriminals are behind the Medibank hack. (Pavlo Gonchar via Getty Images)

In what they have claimed to be their final update, the hacker updated their dark web forum yesterday morning with a simple message.

“Happy Cyber Security Day!!!,” they said.

“Added folder full. Case closed.”

The folder included 6.4 gigabytes of data, compared to previous hacker releases of less than one megabyte.

But it was less than what Medibank believes was stolen from its system.

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Medibank’s response for customers remains comprehensive, with health and wellbeing support lines, mental health support and specialised teams to support any customer who receives scams or threats.

All Medibank customers are advised to remain hyper-vigilant to scams via SMS, phone and email.

They’re urged to not pay any ransom or engage with any scammer claiming to have their information.

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