Hollie Hughes defends Scott Morrison over Fierravanti-Wells’ ‘bully’ claims

NSW Liberal Senator Hollie Hughes has refuted allegations directed at Prime Minister Scott Morrison by her outgoing colleague Concetta Fierravanti-Wells.

Ms Fierravanti-Wells launched a scathing assault on Mr Morrison on Tuesday night – accusing him of corrupting the get together’s NSW division and declaring he was “not fit to be Prime Minister”.

“It’s his way or the highway. [He’s] an autocrat, a bully, who has no moral compass,” Ms Fierravanti-Wells stated.

In the blistering 10-minute speech to the Senate on funds night time, Ms Fierravanti-Wells additionally took goal at Immigration Minister Alex Hawke who she stated was “certainly not fit to be minister”.

Talking to Sky News Australia, Ms Hughes responded to Ms Fierravanti-Wells’ accusations.

“I’ve known the Prime Minister for over 20 years, and I consider him not only a close friend but a mentor,” Ms Hughes stated.

“The comments that were made last night, that I’ve seen this morning, absolutely do not reflect the man that I know – they do not reflect his leadership style.

“They do not reflect the support that he’s not only given me, but I know that he provides to so many other colleagues.

“I certainly do not agree with her character assessment of Scott – it is not the person I know.

“I consider him both a political mentor and a very close friend, as I do Alex Hawke.”

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