How big can a crab get, and what does Auld Lang Syne mean? Try our kids’ quiz | Family

1.The creature pictured above is a crab. Caleb, 7, asks: how big can a crab get?

2.Eleanor, 11, asks: what does Auld Lang Syne mean (the song that lots of people sing on New Year’s Eve)?

3.Nora, 7, asks: how many planets are there in our solar system?

4.Arella, 8, asks: what is on the biggest painting in the world?

5.Renu, 5, asks: how many muscles in your face do you use when you make a smile compared with when you make a frown?

Molly Oldfield hosts Everything Under the Sun, a weekly podcast answering children’s questions, out now as a book.

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