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How to get more a more radiant face before the holidays


Botox injections are one of the treatments you can do before the holidays to give your face a more radiant look.


The holidays are here and everyone wants to look their best for pictures and gatherings with friends and family.

Fortunately, there is still plenty of time to treat yourself to a skin treatment or two and have beautiful results in time for the holidays. Take a look at this timeline to plan your pre-holiday skin treatments perfectly.

Two weeks before

If you are planning to get these cosmetic treatments, schedule them at least two weeks before your holiday party or photos:

Dermal fillers. These fill in lines around the mouth and can add volume to cheeks and lips.

BOTOX, Dysport and other botulinum toxin injections. These relax muscles to improve lines between the brows, on your forehead and around the eyes.

V1 peel. This causes old skin to flake off over the next one to two weeks, leaving skin smooth and more even-toned.

Two to four days before

These treatments should be done at least two to four days before an important event:

Vbeam laser treatments improve facial redness, smooth skin texture and make pores appear smaller.

Dermaplaning uses a small blade to exfoliate the skin and remove “peach fuzz” facial hair. This can cause breakouts, however, so do not get this treatment if you’re prone to acne.

One hour before

Exfoliating scrubs. Scrubs remove the top dead layer of the skin, smoothing it and allowing the skin to reflect light.

Hyaluronic acid serums. Hyaluronic acid binds to water and pulls it to the skin’s surface, smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles and making the skin look dewy. If you have dry skin, follow with a moisturizer.

HydraFacial. This facial uses suction to remove debris from pores, leaving your face smooth, radiant and deeply clean and hydrated.

Rhofade for facial redness. If you have facial redness, ask your doctor for a prescription for Rhofade, which shrinks capillaries in the face and controls facial redness and flushing that occurs when you drink alcohol or eat spicy foods. Although it works within hours, you should use it every morning to control redness if you have rosacea.

Face powder with light-reflecting elements. Apply this product on the top margin of your cheekbones and just below your eyebrows to add shimmer that brightens your face.

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