How to survive exams as a parent?

Stock up on sweets and gifs

It’s exam season for the first time since 2019. There’s an almost celebratory feel to this return to business as usual; a collective sigh of relief as invigilators across the land intone, “Open your booklets.” I’m kidding, it’s as awful as it ever was, though I suppose the fact Gavin Williamson isn’t involved in deciding anyone’s future qualifies as a small but significant mercy.

Another small mercy: it means the phoney war of “study leave” has staggered to an overdue end. No longer can the optimum length of break be tersely debated; calming procrasti-playlists crafted and revision timetables reverse-engineered. Parents are no longer gathering in kitchens to whisper-debate whether there’s any way the noise of digital armed combat they can hear could possibly be chemistry related.

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