I’m a foodie and my genius £1 hack stops you burning yourself on your air fryer – it’s so simple

IF you have joined the air fryer gang and enjoy rustling up some tasty meals in your kitchen appliance, you’ve come to the right place.

With the sales of air fryers rocketing in recent months, it seems as though foodies are beginning to stumble across a few bugbears when using the handy device. 

If you have got yourself an air fryer, you'll want to listen up


If you have got yourself an air fryer, you’ll want to listen upCredit: Getty
A food fan has shared her simple, yet effective air fryer hack


A food fan has shared her simple, yet effective air fryer hackCredit: TikTok/ashleas_kitchen
Ashlea revealed that she uses tin foil to avoid burning herself on her air fryer


Ashlea revealed that she uses tin foil to avoid burning herself on her air fryerCredit: TikTok/ashleas_kitchen

While they are great for quick, easy and cost-effective cooking, many have claimed that removing your dish out of an air fryer basket can prove to be quite a challenge if you don’t want to get burnt.

Some people have struggled to lift their food out of the air fryer without spillages or burning their hands, but one savvy food-lover has come up with a simple, yet very effective solution

The food fan and air fryer whizz has taken to TikTok to share her “genius” hack to avoid the issue and it’s left many people very impressed.

Ashlea – who has amassed over 22,100 followers on her page @ashleas_kitchen – revealed that the only thing you need for her handy hack is tin foil, which you’ll likely already have in your kitchen drawer.

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In the video, the foodie shared her clever tip, which is bound to be game-changing for air fryer users.

Captioning the post, she wrote: “Simple air fryer foil hack! No more burns or food everywhere.”

She explained: “Hey guys, I saw this air fryer foil hack on Facebook. 

“I might be a bit late to the party but I thought I’d share it anyway – because look how easy that is to lift your dishes up.

“So, I just lifted them up, put them in my air fryer, and then lifted them out when they were done.

“I just bent the foil down a bit once they were in the air fryer, so they didn’t hit the element or hit my food and then I just unfolded them and simply picked them out”.

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Ashlea’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has very quickly racked up 231.6k views. 

It has 2,951 likes, 58 comments and 244 shares. 

TikTok users loved the nifty hack and quickly flocked to the comment section to praise the woman’s impressive idea.

Sharing clarification on how she uses the tin foil, Ashlea later wrote: “Use a good bit of foil and lift it up close to your air fryer then you should be ok. 

“You can always use a tea towel after you’ve lifted it out.”

Meanwhile, a TikToker wrote: “Genius.”

A second noted: “Thanks, good tip”.

A third posted: “Get yourself on Dragons’ Den”.

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Whilst another commented: “I love my fryer, but hate how I burn myself regularly removing food.”

If you haven’t got any tin foil in your kitchen drawers, then don’t worry, as you can pick some up for as little as £1 from the Pound shop.

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