I’m an ex-barista & I always messed with rude customers’ drinks… giving a decaf was just the start of my petty revenge

A FORMER barista has confirmed your worst nightmare – so you better start being nice to hospitality staff.

Betsy Windmill, from the UK, revealed she would often mess with customers’ drinks if they were rude to her.

Betsy revealed how she got revenge on rude customers while working in a coffee shop


Betsy revealed how she got revenge on rude customers while working in a coffee shop

In a short TikTok video, the ex-barista revealed just some of the ways she would get her revenge on ill-mannered customers.

She said: “I used to work in a coffee shop and here are some of the examples of things I would do if customers were rude to me.”

First up, was a classic tactic most baristas use on rude customers as it isn’t detectable and that’s using decaf shots instead of regular ones.

Other times, Betsy admitted to giving rude customers a single shot of espresso if they stated they wanted a double.

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Betsy added: “I used to work in a train station, so I could get away with this because people were more often than not in a rush.

“But if someone ordered caramel, I’d give them a vanilla, just to p*** them off.”

If a customer did come back to complain about the order, Betsy had a way of getting out of trouble.

She would tell the customer she called out what coffee it was and tell them they picked up the wrong one.

A universally aggravating thing in retail is when customers put their cash on the counter (pre-pandemic times), rather than the server’s hand.

So to get her own back, Betsy always places the change on the counter – even if they had their hand out.

Finally, if a rude customer ordered a hot panini, the ex-barista would make sure to burn it.

Not enough for the customer to warrant asking for a new one, but just enough to make it slightly less enjoyable.

The video has since gone viral with over 500k views, and many people in the comments shared how they got payback on rude customers.

One wrote: “Using full fat milk instead of skinny was my favourite.”

Another added: “Omg the change thing is so good it’s a windup.”

A third penned: “cold drinks give the straw a squeeze before putting it in the drink.”

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Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “Oh I feel like I’d under toast it so that it looks normal but then you bite into it and the inside is still fridge temp chilly.”

And a fifth suggested: “Yesss when I worked at a bar and someone was rude I would always underpour their alcohol.”

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