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‘Industry’ Season 2 Release Schedule

It’s the time of year where your finance job is actually kind of cool and sexy and a little dangerous and not totally and utterly soul sucking for you and your Friday night date as their eyes glaze over from you feigning importance. That’s because Industry Season 2 has arrived like a fortuitous call from your favorite deep-pocketed client. So buy the dip, short the VIX, and get ready for more late night PowerPoint decks, more cocaine in the bathroom after a 15-hour trading shift, and more 1-year 1-year Euro-swap in 500k DV01, baby!

Viewers, though, will be noticing one major difference between this season and last season (which aired way back in November 2020). Back then, HBO made the unusual decision to release the final five episodes all at once on HBO Max—likely in an effort to inject content onto their then-new streaming platform and viewership into their then new show, a co-production with BBC Two and something like a cross between Suits and Euphoria.

A sufficient audience must have tuned in, because the series was then renewed for a second season, which will air on Mondays at 9PM ET.

Unlike last season, however, it appears as if HBO is sticking to a weekly release schedule, meaning viewers will have to wait a full 5 business days plus a weekend—or 7 Pierpoint business days—before getting the next episode.

Here’s the full release schedule for Season 2 of HBO’s Industry.

When is the next episode of Industry coming out?

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Industry will premiere on Monday, August 1 at 9PM ET on HBO and HBO Max.

The series will run for eight weeks, each episode releasing on Monday at 9PM ET.

Episode 1 – August 1

Episode 2 – August 8

Episode 3 – August 15

Episode 4 – August 22

Episode 5 – August 29

Episode 6 – September 5

Episode 7 – September 12

Episode 8 – September 19


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