Introducing The Omega Speedmaster Chrono Chime

Omega’s Speedmaster line of watches is one of the most prestigious in the business, and for good reason. If you’re looking for a top-notch mechanical watch, it’s tough to do much better. The Speedmaster Chrono Chime is one of the latest in Omega’s catalogue, and I managed to get a good, long look at one. Here are my thoughts.

This is a chunky watch. It has a diameter of 45mm, lending it a medium-large wrist presence. It’s also correspondingly thick, at 17.3mm. The lug to lug distance of 21mm actually looks a bit slim on a watch of this size. The case itself is made from gold, and comes with a matching 5-link gold band. The clasp opens and closes easily, and the lugs are straight rather than curved. This makes everything look like one piece, and also makes the watch even larger than its 45mm diameter.

The crystal is smooth and flat, with a scratch-resistant anti-glare finish. This is paired with a display caseback that gives a clear view of the movement. Omega used the in-house Master Chronometer Calibre 1932. This is not just a chronometer-grade movement – it also has an elapsed time function that integrates with the built-in chime.

The dial is surrounded by a deep blue tachymeter bezel, complete with beautiful gold markings and Arabic numerals. The dial is a matching blue, with an index of fine, densely-packed hashes that are crammed in at five to the minute. The five-minute markers are much larger, with lume striping that makes them easy to read. The gold hands are spear-shaped, and taper to points at the end. They’re embedded with lume paint that forms a smaller triangle inside them. The second hand is very slender and is also made of gold, with a bright, high-visibility red tip.

To the left is a 60-second subdial, with a smaller 15-second chronometer subdial to the right. Both have a gold textured finish, with blue hands, markings, and numerals.

The Chrono Chime has a built-in pair of tiny dongs, which are visible to the left of the 60-second subdial. These gongs work with the chronometer function to audibly ding out the elapsed time. For each minute, you’ll hear a low chime, for every ten seconds, you’ll hear a double chime. Individual seconds will register a higher-pitched chime. Just press the bottom left pusher to trigger the chiming function.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy this watch online – at least not yet. It’s only available in Omega boutiques.

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