Italy In The Palm Of Your Hand

Who doesn’t love a European designer handbag? I sure do. But their prices can be astronomical.

That is why I am currently obsessed with Teddy Blake handbags. Not only are they beautiful, but they are handmade in Italy, and come in a wealth of styles and colors. And, most important, they come at a price point that won’t break the bank — and they obviate the trip abroad.

I remember most vividly one trip I once took to Florence, when after much traveling, I discovered the outdoor marketplace, and the dozens and dozens of luxury handbags that were ridiculously affordable. I remember thinking that I had to endure a lot of travel, expensive airfare, and fatigue – just to get a handsome handbag.

There had to be a better way.

CEO Samy Waiche founded his  Teddy Blake company a few years back, when he was in the market to purchase a special present for his girlfriend. Unfortunately, he discovered that most luxury handbags were out of his price range. Not wanting to sacrifice quality for cost, he launched Teddy Blake as a first-class Italian brand – and the rest is history. Never heard of Teddy Blake? You’re not alone – but their handbags are the world’s best-kept secret. They are definitely under-the-radar but deserve to be front and center in your walk-in closet.

“I wanted to create handbags that don’t cost a thousand dollars, or two thousand dollars,” Mr. Waiche told me in a phone interview from France. The price range of these posh purses is from $300-$550 – but they look like a million bucks. “No other brand can do what we do,” Mr. Waiche told me. “We sell directly to customers, and we cut all costs to shake up the industry and make luxury affordable.”

Another outstanding point of differentiation is that there is a huge diversity of styles, sizes and colors. One style can come in three sizes, and in 50 different colors, For example, if you lust after a black bag – and who doesn’t? – you can find it at Teddy Blake in leather that is smooth, or grainy, or less shiny, or in high-shine crocodile, with either gold or silver hardware. “We really go into the details,” he added.

One stunner that is my favorite is the AVA. It comes in light beige, and many other colors, in 11-inch, 9-inch, 14-inch, and 6-inch, depending on what you prefer. You may also like the Eliza croco bucket bag in light pink.  Or the Kim Stampatto, 9-inches, in orange (It resembles the  Hermes Birkin bag but I like it even better) and it’s just $399.  The company also just launched handbags in python. They also make matching wallets and credit card cases, for the ultimate ensemble.

No matter what you select, you’re adding la dolce vita to your lifestyle – and your outfit – without the jet lag on Alitalia!

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