Jamie Lee Curtis Wants Everyone to Stop Using the Word ‘Anti-Aging’

Jamie Lee Curtis is an icon for a lot of causes, one being her fierce advocacy towards the not possible magnificence requirements that Hollywood (and society at giant) units for girls. 

Most not too long ago, the 63-year-old actor joined Maria Shriver on the Radically Reframing Aging Summit for a candid dialogue in regards to the Halloween star’s views on ageing—and why it is a constructive factor. “This word ‘anti-aging’ has to be struck,” she said. “I am pro-aging. I want to age with intelligence and grace and dignity and verve and energy.”

Earlier this month, Curtis revealed that she requested to indicate her physique in its pure magnificence—no prosthetics, no shapewear, no filters—in her new film Everything Everywhere All at Once. She shared a photograph of herself in character to Instagram, writing, “In the world, there is an industry—a billion-dollar, trillion-dollar industry—about hiding things. Concealers. Body shapers. Fillers. Procedures. Clothing. Hair accessories. Hair products. Everything to conceal the reality of who we are. And my instruction to everybody was: I want there to be no concealing of anything.”

She continued in the caption, ““I’ve been sucking my stomach in since I was 11, when you start being conscious of boys and bodies, and the jeans are supertight. I very specifically decided to relinquish and release every muscle I had that I used to clench to hide the reality. That was my goal. I have never felt more free creatively and physically.” 

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The actor additionally not too long ago shared on social media a makeup-free selfie and in contrast herself to her tough-as-nails Halloween character, Laurie Strode. “Has anyone else opened their phone and somehow are confronted with an image of themselves that’s a ‘gotcha’ moment,” she wrote within the caption.

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