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Jessica Williams on How Severe Pain Led to Endometriosis Diagnosis

For 32-year-old actress Jessica Williams, “debilitating” ache, particularly throughout her interval, was truly signaling a severe well being downside: endometriosis. Before she taped the HBO specials for her podcast, 2 Dope Queens, Williams mentioned she had been admitted to the ER for the situation. “It turns out there wasn’t really much that could be done—because it’s women’s reproductive health, and they don’t know a lot about endometriosis,” the Fantastic Beasts star mentioned in a latest interview with Essence. 

According to the Office on Women’s Health, endometriosis is a painful situation by which tissue that’s just like the tissue that traces the uterus (endometrium) grows on areas exterior of the uterus, like on the fallopian tubes or ovaries. This tissue can then swell or bleed exterior of the uterus through the menstrual cycle, which can lead to extreme ache as a result of it can’t simply depart the physique. 

In 2018, Williams spoke at size about her endometriosis in an Instagram put up. She shared that “killer 👏🏾cramps 👏🏾ain’t 👏🏾normal👏🏾” and famous that she needed to go to the E.R. and varied medical professionals earlier than lastly arriving at a prognosis. “People have a hard time believing women are in pain and they ESPECIALLY have a hard time believing that women of color are experiencing pain. So it may take multiple doctors to even get an endometriosis diagnosis,” Williams wrote.  

Finally receiving that prognosis motivated her to “advocate for women of color monitoring their reproductive health,” based on Essence, a public well being concern that Williams has been extraordinarily vocal about. One systematic evaluation printed within the American Journal of Public Health analyzed 15 research on implicit racial and ethnic biases amongst well being care professionals and the way this bias can affect well being care outcomes. The overwhelming majority of the research concluded that “most health care providers” included within the analysis appeared to have implicit bias, in that they have an inclination to have extra “positive attitudes” towards white individuals in a well being care setting and extra “negative attitudes” towards individuals of coloration. These biases, amongst different components and systemic points, can result in a spread of antagonistic well being outcomes for Black individuals—from having their well being issues dismissed in probably life-threatening conditions to disproportionately increased maternal mortality charges.

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That’s one doable motive why Williams “felt relief” when a physician lastly acknowledged “you must be in a ton of pain” after discovering that she had superior endometriosis lesions. “I also felt really sad for all of the pain that I had ignored and set aside for so long,” she beforehand wrote on Instagram. 

There are varied remedies for endometriosis, which might embody various kinds of remedy or surgical procedure to take away the endometriosis lesions. In late 2021, Williams informed Interview journal that she was recovering from endometriosis surgical procedure however didn’t go into actual particulars concerning the operation. Now, she appears to be like again at her preliminary signs and stresses the significance of listening to your physique—and advocating for your self for those who can. “You shouldn’t be having severe period pain,” she informed Essence. “That’s not normal.”


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