Kaci Walfall Is Navigating Senior Year While Playing The CW’s Newest Superhero on ‘Naomi’

So you weren’t necessarily a DC fan before this?

I was. [Laughs.] I was a DC TV and movie fan. I just wasn’t a big comic book fan, but I had watched Flash and Supergirl and loved those shows. I loved Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad, but I hadn’t read comics.

Photo: Stephanie Diani; Makeup: Brittany Whitfield; Hair: Cheryl T Bergamy; Styling: Mauricia Henry

Naomi is a person of color, and judging by the pilot, she’s also part of the LGBTQ+ community. What’s it like bringing such a diverse character to a show that’s geared toward young people?

I think that it’s important because, as a young person, as a teenager, there are so many different things about me and different aspects about me. To play this character that has so many different aspects about herself, I think, really grounds it in reality for teenagers. To tell important stories within the community is really special. It’s also reflective of people and teens, and I hope that fellow teenagers can see the authenticity within the characters and connect to them.

Naomi’s parents openly discuss how a girl has a crush on her and how she also likes a guy. How does it feel to be in a landscape where characters don’t necessarily have to come out as part of a storyline?

I think that is such a beautiful thing. Within this generation, I’m so glad that it’s applauded. It’s so normal for Naomi’s parents, Greg and Jennifer. That was one of my favorite scenes because she’s talking to her parents like they’re her best friends. I love Greg, Jennifer, and Naomi’s relationship.

I’ve watched enough teen shows to know that there’s always some kind of love triangle or, in your case, maybe a square. What can you tease about your character’s romantic entanglements?

Well, I think that being a teenager, no one’s expecting you to tie someone down. You’re also learning who you are when you’re a teenager. Some teenagers are open to not being in a relationship. I think that Naomi doesn’t necessarily need someone to feel whole about herself. She loves them all as friends first. Throughout this series, it’s set up in a way that every character that she may have a relationship with has a different dynamic. Throughout the series, people will explore that and people will have their favorites and people will have their relationships that they’re not the biggest fan of, but I, as Kaci, love all of them for different reasons. I love working with the actors who play Naomi’s love interests. 

The pilot ends with a big cliff-hanger. What do you think is going to kind of bring viewers back week after week?

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