Key Points Around Boosters And Vaccine Passes

France has now legally mandated the need to have a valid Vaccine Pass (le pass vaccinal) to access events, theme parks, transport networks, ski lifts and places, such as museums, restaurants, bars and cinemas–proof of a negative Covid-19 test result will no longer suffice. Here’s a guide on what to know for anyone traveling in France.

  • There are currently different rules for travelers arriving into the country depending on whether someone is vaccinated and depending on the colour code of the country you are traveling from–green, orange and red countries.
  • However, a booster is not yet required for anyone to leave or return to France.
  • In order to keep the pass valid, French residents must have a booster jab if the final dose of the vaccine was more than 7 months ago.
  • And whilst having a pass is not legally required for tourists, a Pass Vaccinal is necessary to access any fun activities.
  • The pass is not a physical document, but just the proof of having been vaccinated, recently recovered from Covid-19 or medically exempt from vaccination requirements. People in France use the TousAntiCovid application.
  • Travelers can show whatever documents they like, in whatever form, but crucially they must have a QR code that can be scanned when entering anything from a MacDonald’s to the local cinema.
  • QR codes are compatible in France with other member countries in the EU or Schengen area and the U.K.
  • For anyone arriving with vaccination documents from outside the EU, these would need to be taken to a French pharmacy to obtain a QR code that can then be scanned to get into places.
  • The rules are more complicated for adolescents and it can be a little more difficult to navigate France for a holiday if teens are not vaccinated. In France, anyone over the age of 16 must have a Pass Vaccinal. However, 12-15 year olds just need a Health Pass, which means that if they are not vaccinated, they can still access places for a period of 24 hours by having proof of a negative antigen test taken in France. The under 12s don’t need any other documentation.

As reported by France24, France is starting to relax its Covid-19 restrictions. For a start, it is no longer necessary to wear a mask outdoors, home working is no longer mandatory (although advised) and capacity limits for concert halls, sporting matches and other events have also been removed.

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