Looks Like Another Major WWE Star Is Finally Returning To The Ring Ahead Of WrestleMania Season

The WWE has had a real windfall of returning talent as of late, as the company welcomed back a heap of stars in 2022. Unfortunately, the company also lost a few superstars like Randy Orton, but it’s looking like one of that bunch will be back in the ring and competing soon enough. The women’s division should be put on notice because it looks like Charlotte Flair is finally headed back to reclaim her status as the most dominant woman in pro wrestling ahead of WrestleMania season. 

It seems that Charlotte Flair is dropping hints she’ll soon be appearing on television or at an upcoming WWE event based on what she’s posting on her Instagram Stories. Charlotte shared videos of her walking to the ring, and then shared this photo of her laced up in her wrestling boots: 

Charlotte Flair on Instagram

(Image credit: Instagram)

It’s possible Charlotte was just trying them on, or maybe even posting an old photo, but I’m more inclined to think she was training. After all, she’s been away from the WWE for quite a while, so it’d make sense she’d want to get in a few sessions of training to knock off any ring rust she may have from her extended break.

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