Lygon Group launches BOSSA partnership

“We are at a moment of unprecedented change in China,” Angela Lehmann, The Lygon Group’s head of research, told The PIE News.

“Young people in particular are faced with numerous challenges as they navigate zero-Covid and high unemployment.

“Understanding what this means for Australia’s international education and research sectors is really important right now,” she said.

Together, the partners will work “to build the insight that is needed for institutions to plan ahead in this time of change”.

The partners’ combined research and intelligence aims to help Australian educators craft a more robust and accurate China recruitment strategy for next year, they added.

“Chinese students’ preferences, and desired study destinations, have changed since the onset of the pandemic,” Jon Santangelo, BOSSA’s spokesperson said.

“It is clear that non-Anglophone destinations will continue emerging as competitive alternatives,” he added.

“BOSSA is China’s foremost education agency association – its international department does great work in servicing foreign educators with business development and agency relation building,” Lehmann highlighted.

“We share the same goal, which is to support higher education institutions worldwide in their efforts to connect with Chinese students,” she added.

“It is clear that non-Anglophone destinations will continue emerging”

The Lygon Group specialises in “ensuring genuine student voices and experiences are at the heart of student recruitment, marketing and services”.

“We currently produce monthly Industry Insights: China reports, where we break down the key issues happening in China that month, up-to-date data on students and graduates, and social insights,” Lehmann commented.

“TLG are an innovative company leading the sector in Australia. We’re looking forward to working together to bring together China and Australia’s international education stakeholders,” Santangelo said.

BOSSA is China’s membership group of education agencies, and publisher of big data analysis on Chinese student mobility trends. The Lygon Group is Australia’s leading international education research firm providing student-centric insight to Australia’s institutions, governments, and international education stakeholders.

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