Making a splash: Dogs diving into their very own underwater photoshoot

Photographer Lucy Ray loves jumping into the pool to capture amusing shots of her more furry clients.

She says owners book in underwater shoots to treat their pets.

Bonnie, a five-year-old sprocker spaniel, had her time in the limelight after a cancer scare.

Bonnie sitting at the side of the pool

(Lucy Ray Starfish Photography / SWNS)

Owner Tracey Rayment says: “I wanted to do the pictures because Bonnie had a health scare in the summer when initially they thought it was very serious [cancer] – but after lots of tests and scans it wasn’t serious at all, thankfully.

Bonnie chases a tennis ball

(Lucy Ray Starfish Photography/SWNS)

Bonnie’s almost got it…

(Lucy Ray Starfish Photography/SWNS)

“I knew from previous walks to the river that she was quite happy putting her head underwater, and I always thought I’d love to see what she looks like.

“So after the scare of losing her prematurely, I started looking online to see if was possible and came across the Starfish website – the work looked amazing.”

Ifubu diving for her tennis ball in a pool

(Lucy Ray Starfish Photography/SWNS)

(Lucy Ray Starfish Photography/SWNS)

Lucy, who runs Starfish Photography, took photos of Bonnie at the Canine Aqua Centre near Milton Keynes.

She doesn’t only capture dogs, however. She also enjoys photographing babies and sharks in the water.

Chloe swimming after her ball

(Lucy Ray Starfish Photography/SWNS)

(Lucy Ray Starfish Photography/SWNS)

You can see more of Lucy’s work here.


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