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The well-known Sydney protester who was left with facial injuries after he was arrested by police in a Sydney shopping centre has been released from hospital today.

Danny Lim, who is widely recognised in Sydney for his sandwich-board signs, was left bloodied after police tried to arrest him when he “failed to comply with a move on order” from the Queen Victoria Building yesterday.

Chris Murphy, whose law firm represents Lim, tweeted this morning that Lim has been released from St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney with a plan in place for ongoing monitoring of his condition.

An independent review will examine the actions of police during the arrest.

Confronting footage taken by a bystander shows a limp Lim laying on the floor as the officers handcuff him and sit him up.

The 78-year-old yelled ”let me go” as the two officers grabbed his arms and subsequently tripped him, causing Lim to fall head-first onto the tiled floor.

Police said Lim had failed to comply when he was asked to leave the building by security, and then officers.

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