Mercury: Facts in regards to the smallest planet

Mercury is the closest planet to the solar and the smallest planet in our photo voltaic system. With a diameter of about 3,032 miles (4,880 kilometers), Mercury is lower than half the dimensions of Earth, which is about 7,926 miles (12,756 km) in diameter. But what Mercury lacks in measurement, it makes up for in pace: It orbits the solar quicker than every other planet within the photo voltaic system. 

How did Mercury get its title?

The planet is called after the Roman deity Mercury, the speedy messenger of the gods, who was the Roman equal of the Greek god Hermes. Mercury orbits our solar each 88 days — quicker than every other planet within the photo voltaic system — and a 12 months on Mercury is lower than three Earth months. This swift orbit impressed the traditional Romans to affiliate the small planet with Mercury, based on Cool Cosmos, a web site run by the Infrared Processing and Analysis Center on the California Institute of Technology, whereas the traditional Greeks related the planet with Hermes, based on the European Southern Observatory.

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