The audience at the National Cultural Centre on Saturday evening will be blown away by the melodious rhythm of the sitar, as vibrant dances and a beautiful soundtrack signal that the 24th Edition of Naya Zamana is being held. The show is expected to start at 20:00h.
This spectacular theatrical production returns after a two-year hiatus, and is being staged under the theme ‘AgniSutra’- the thread of fire. It is a much-loved production that is scripted and directed by Dr Vindhya Vasini Persaud, who also does all the dance choreography.
The show has a die-hard following of fans who love the majestic sets and the dazzling costumes created by Trishala Persaud because they perfectly complement the intriguing storyline brought to life by talented actors.
AgniSutra revolves around topical issues and intriguing self-exploration, all creatively presented and perfectly complemented by beautiful and vibrant dances. It is the perfect entertainment event for every age cohort, and the message is certain to impact everyone present.
Many have described the Naya Zamana experience as watching a movie on stage. It is a phenomenal introduction to theater for anyone interested in the arts, for persons visiting Guyana, and for persons looking for an exciting event.
The cast has been trained at the Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha’s Dharmic Kendra, and talented performers Travez and Amber Piaralall, Aliyah Hassan, Anusha Doodnauth, Amisha Sarjoo, Omkaar Tiwari and Malcolm Hintzen comprise the main cast, playing relatable characters.
Joining the Guyanese team is Rishab Rikhiram Sharma, a disciple of the late legendary Pt. Ravi Shankar, who will captivate the audience with his skill in the sitar and singing.
Guyana Hindu Dharmic Sabha is pleased to present this production, which consistently sets the standard for theater in Guyana and focuses on edutainment with a purpose. With only one day to go, tickets for the production are available at all Enetworks locations; Unique Innovations at Amazonia Mall; Dharmic Kendra in Prashad Nagar; Red Mango in Robb Street; and at the National Cultural Centre Box Office.
Persons can also secure their tickets by calling 227-6181.
Dharmic Sabha would like to thanks all its sponsors, including Toolsie Persaud Ltd, Digicel, Enetworks, Ansa McAL Trading Ltd., Demerara Bank Ltd., Unique Innovations, Caribbean Airlines, NTN, and Readymix Concrete Limited.
All proceeds will go towards construction of the Dharmic Sabha’s Primary and Secondary Schools.