NSW gov launches jobs platform for int’l students

The NSW government through Study NSW has partnered with leading employment marketplace SEEK to deliver ‘NSW Jobs Connect for International Students’.

The SEEK platform now includes the “#NSW Jobs Connect” filter, enabling international students to easily search for job opportunities posted by employers across a range of sectors including finance, construction, manufacturing and technology.

“More than 136,000 international students are actively studying in NSW, integrating into their local communities and investing in their futures, so it’s important that we support them during their studies and beyond,” said Alister Henskens, NSW minister for enterprise, investment and trade.

“This innovative program will help students identify suitable employment opportunities and link NSW employers to a robust, diverse and reliable source of talent, which will help grow the economy and secure a brighter future for NSW.”

Vicky Drakousis, chief human resources officer at insurance company Allianz Australia – an employer that is part of the program – said that the new function allows the business to tap into a whole new talent pool, while providing career opportunities for international students.

“We’re confident these students will bring insight and diverse thinking to Allianz” she added.

“We’re confident these students will bring insight and diverse thinking to Allianz”

According to Kadi Taylor, head of government relations at SEEK, the pilot is a first of its kind.

“Many employers are unaware that international students have work rights during and post their studies, with many having the right to work for up to six years once their study is complete,” said Taylor.

“This program is about bringing students and employers together through our platform and at in-person events, creating opportunities, and equipping both sides with the knowledge and skills to thrive.”

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