Olivia Attwood forced to address pregnancy rumours again after quitting jungle and sends stark message to fans

OLIVIA Attwood was once again forced to deny she is pregnant following her shock exit from the jungle.

The 31-year-old, who is engaged to footballer Bradley Dack, hit back during a Q & A and begged her followers to stop asking all the time.

Olivia Attwood has once again denied she is pregnant


Olivia Attwood has once again denied she is pregnantCredit: Splash
The star begged fans to stop questioning her


The star begged fans to stop questioning herCredit: instagram

Love Island star Olivia wrote: “Like 300000 of these…nope. No pregnancies. (Lets stop asking women this all the time too).”

Addressing her exit, she insisted she “wanted to leave the subject behind”, adding: “I know it doesn’t make sense to a lot of you, but it also doesn’t make a lot of sense to me if that makes you feel better.”

Olivia previously admitted she questioned whether she was pregnant herself when she learned some blood tests results had come back as abnormal.

She got the news about the results while she was in the jungle and was rushed to A&E for further tests.

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Her test showed she was dangerously anaemic, as well as having low sodium and potassium levels.

She recalled: “I was so scared, I was like ‘what the hell is wrong with me?’.

“They couldn’t give me an answer, they just told me that they had to get me to the hospital immediately.

“The results were really, really low when they put them into their reader and they consulted with another doctor off site. I had those bloods done in England before I left, and they were fine. I was confused and of course very, very worried.

“It felt like the longest journey ever – I didn’t know what to think. I was wondering if I had picked up a virus, was I pregnant? All of these things were going through my head.”

She added to the Mail On Sunday: “I mean, I saw on Twitter that I was pregnant. I’m not. There is an underlying misogynistic feel to the rhetoric.”

Olivia was forced to leave the jungle after blood test results


Olivia was forced to leave the jungle after blood test resultsCredit: Rex
Olivia with her fiance Bradley


Olivia with her fiance BradleyCredit: Instagram

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