Onnit Affiliate Program: How to Make Money With a Leading Fitness Brand

Onnit Affiliate Program

Onnit is a popular health and fitness company that sells supplements, food, and fitness equipment. The company has an attractive affiliate program that allows people to earn commissions by promoting Onnit products. Becoming an Onnit affiliate can be a great way to make money online for people interested in health and fitness.

Overview of the Onnit Affiliate Program

The Onnit affiliate program provides up to 25% commissions on all sales referred. Onnit offers one of the most generous commission rates in the industry. Affiliates have the potential to earn good income through commissions on a consistent basis.

Onnit provides affiliates with a variety of promotional tools and resources. These include banner ads, text links, product images, promo codes, and more. Affiliates can use these assets to drive traffic to Onnit’s website and refer sales.

Another major benefit is that Onnit pays affiliates on multiple sales. Affiliates earn commissions not only on the initial sale but also on any repeat purchases the referred customers make. This allows for growing long-term income.

Joining the Onnit Affiliate Program

Signing up for Onnit’s affiliate program is simple and free. You just need to create an account on the Onnit affiliate portal and get approved. The signup process takes just a few minutes.

Once approved, you gain access to your affiliate links and can place them on your website or social media platforms. The Onnit affiliate platform makes it easy to track sales and commissions.

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Promoting Onnit Products Effectively

There are many options for effectively promoting Onnit as an affiliate:

1- Content marketing – Write reviews and articles about Onnit products on your website or blog. This provides value to your audience while promoting Onnit links.

2- Social media marketing – Promote Onnit products on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by posting affiliate links, discounts, and product images.

3- Influencer marketing – Reach out to fitness influencers and negotiate promotions of Onnit products and affiliate links through sponsored posts.

4- Paid advertising – Run Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or native ads focused on driving traffic to your Onnit affiliate links.

The key is to experiment with different marketing strategies and see which ones drive conversions best for your target audience.


Onnit’s generous commissions, variety of promo tools and resources make it an excellent choice for an affiliate program. It provides the ability to earn strong recurring income on health and fitness products people use daily. Becoming an Onnit affiliate provides an exciting opportunity for people interested in health and fitness products and affiliate marketing.


How much commission does Onnit pay?

Onnit pays up to 25% commission on all sales referred by an affiliate. This is a very generous commission rate compared to other affiliate programs.

How do I sign up to become an Onnit affiliate?

Signing up is free and easy. Just go to Onnit’s affiliate portal and submit an application. You’ll need to provide some basic information about your website or social media presence. Once approved, you will gain access to your unique affiliate links.

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What marketing methods work best for promoting Onnit?

Content marketing through blogging and social media marketing tends to work very well. Influencers can also be effective for Onnit affiliate marketing. Paid ads on Google or Facebook that target fitness audiences also perform well typically.

Does Onnit provide affiliate marketing materials?

Yes, Onnit provides its affiliates with banner ads, text links, product images, promo codes, and other resources. These can all be used to help drive traffic and conversions.

How often does Onnit pay affiliates?

Onnit pays affiliates on a monthly basis. Affiliates must reach the $50 minimum payout threshold to receive their commission check each month. Payment is sent via PayPal.

Are there cookies for the Onnit affiliate program?

Onnit uses 90-day cookies to track visits and properly attribute sales to the referring affiliate. As long as the cookie is active, the affiliate will receive credit for the sale.

Can I promote Onnit on coupon and deals sites?

Generally, it is better to avoid coupon sites as these tend to attract deal-seekers only interested in discounts rather than making actual purchases. Focus on promoting Onnit products through content, social media, and influencers.

Does Onnit allow affiliate links on Amazon?

No, Onnit prohibits the publishing of their affiliate links on Amazon. However, you can promote Onnit products on a non-affiliate basis on Amazon if you choose.