Outback Wrangler star Matt Wright ‘disappointed’ to cop charges over chopper crash that killed close mate as bail extension granted

Lawyers for Netflix star Matt Wright say they are disappointed in charges laid against him over a chopper crash that killed his best mate.

Wright, 43, appeared in the Darwin Local Court on Wednesday after he was charged with several serious offences relating to the February 28 crash that killed his friend and co-star Chris “Willow” Wilson.

He arrived in the city on Tuesday and handed himself into police.

He was charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice, destruction of evidence, fabricating evidence, unlawful entry, making a false declaration and interfering with witnesses.

Wright had his bail extended with some conditions varied during a brief appearance before Judge John Neill.

Outside the court, Wright’s lawyer, David Newey said:

“Matt Wright strenuously denies these charges and will be defending them.

“He is naturally disappointed that the charges have been laid as a result of what was a tragic accident that took the life of Matt’s closest friend Chris Wilson.

“Regulatory investigations have found no defect in the helicopter engine.

“The aircraft was flown following an inspection by independent aviation experts a few weeks before [they] cleared the helicopter to fly.

“Matt requests that the media respect his privacy and that of Chris Wilson and his family and the privacy of his wife who has recently given birth to his daughter only a few weeks ago.”

Wright is expected to return to Queensland where he has been living since the crash.

He has been ordered to reappear at the Darwin Local Court for a preliminary hearing on January 25 next year.

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