‘Owe it to the people’: Barnaby Joyce demands ‘total transparency’ from Labor

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce has demanded “total transparency” from Labor after new government analysis has shown the closure of coal-powered energy plants in the New South Wales Hunter region will be devastating for the economy and jobs.

The document shows the unemployment rate will spike, indirect jobs will be affected, and wealth will diminish in the region.

“It is incumbent upon a government to be honest to the Australian people,” Mr Joyce told Sky News Australia.

The report is called ‘Estimated impacts of CFPS and associated coal-mine closures’ – it was commissioned in October and has been done by the climate change department.

Mr Joyce said the Labor Party has been “hiding the direct effects of a document they commissioned”.

“What they should do today, immediately, is table the full report,” Mr Joyce said.

“Because they owe it to the Australian people to be direct and honest.

“Let’s see if they’ll give us the full document so that we can have total transparency.

“Because the people who are going to be kicked to the curb deserve that.”

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