Peta Credlin: PM needs to ‘muscle up’ and make the National Cabinet plan stick

Sky News host Peta Credlin says there has been a “real shift” in the COVID-19 messaging from Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

“Gone now is the Armageddon language and the talk of caseload catastrophe,” Ms Credlin said.

“In its place was a more balanced weighting of the risks of COVID against the ongoing harm of lockdowns.”

According to Ms Credlin, Labor premiers are aiming to “retrofit” National Cabinet’s plan on vaccinations with a “new requirement” to also have zero COVID cases.

“Well, earth to premiers, unless we stop every flight into this country, we won’t ever get back to COVID zero,” she said.

“Scott Morrison needs to understand he won’t win support with rhetoric.

“He has to drop his ‘softly, softly, let’s not upset the Labor premiers’ persona, and make the National Cabinet decision stick.”

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