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Problems ordering your free COVID test kits? Try this fix

Unfortunately, some people are having problems getting the tests shipped to them. The issue seems to be affecting people who live in multi-family buildings. These people are getting the error message, “At-home COVID tests have already been ordered for this address,” suggesting the hiccup lies in households trying to use the same address, particularly when they don’t list their apartment number in the right format.

In a tweet, Democratic congressman Jerry Nadler confirmed the troubles, while also adding that the United States Post Office (USPS) is working on resolving the issue. Until then, Nadler points to a free tool those having trouble ordering the tests can use, which will ensure people are entering their proper USPS address when ordering the tests. Nader says this tool has helped resolve the ordering issues for some. The tool is the USPS’s Look Up a ZIP Code tool, which allows you to enter your street address and city and state, and thus find the correct format for your address, including how your apartment should be identified in a multi-household structure.

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