‘Quality of candidates’ matters more than gender: Peta Credlin

Sky News host Peta Credlin says in her years as an election campaigner it’s the quality of the candidates that matter most – not their gender.

Liberal Party Deputy Leader Sussan Ley and Liberal Senator Linda Reynolds have backed calls for quotas to boost female representation in parliament.

“Just running a woman in a seat is no guarantee of success,” Ms Credlin said.

“Indeed, it’s a basic mistake to think that elections are won by ticking politically correct boxes ahead of getting the basics right: that’s having good candidates, good policies, and good campaigns.”

She said she is all for more Liberal women in parliament, but that emphasis should be made on implementing stronger gender targets and not quotas.

“Targets I support, provided they’ve got real teeth,” she said.

“Targets are something you aspire to, and you put in place ways to get those targets met.

“That’s very different from quotas which will prevent men from running in some seats, even where they’re objectively the better candidate … by making gender the decisive factor in who gets picked.”

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