Quantum computers would be better at Wordle than classical ones

A player using a quantum algorithm will win the codebreaking game Mastermind, which has the same underlying principles as Wordle, more often and in fewer moves than someone using a classical algorithm


5 August 2022

A woman plays Wordle on its official website on her iPhone

Is your Wordle strategy quantum?

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If you struggle with Wordle, you might just need to think like a quantum computer. Quantum algorithms will always do better at the game and other similar ones than their classical counterparts in the long run.

Lvzhou Li at Sun Yat-sen University in China and his colleagues developed a quantum algorithm for the game Mastermind, which has many of the same underlying principles as Wordle.

In the game, a “codemaker” chooses four pegs, each of which can be one of six colours, and arranges them in a pattern. The “codebreaker” then uses …

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