Queen Elizabeth news – Her Majesty makes huge announcement on Camilla’s future as dates confirmed for Andrew’s grilling

How Camilla went from marriage-wrecker to our future Queen

This is a comment piece by Ingrid Seward

THE Queen’s moving statement marks the culmination of the extraordinary relationship between Charles and Camilla.

After years of public ridicule, and with the ghost of Diana forever on their shoulders, the royal couple have finally been handed the ultimate seal of approval by the Queen herself.

It’s a remarkable rehabilitation for the woman who a large proportion of the public blamed for the end of a royal fairytale. Far from being “the other woman”, Camilla has cemented her place at the heart of the Royal Family.

The Queen said it is her sincere wish that when “in the fullness of time” Charles becomes King, Camilla will be known as Queen Consort. “I know you will give him and his wife Camilla the same support that you have given me,” she says, “as she (Camilla) continues her own loyal service”.

That is praise indeed from the 95-year-old monarch and confir-mation of a friendship between the two women that the world knows very little about. 

Camilla was once in the inner circle of royalty as her former husband Andrew Parker Bowles’ father, Derek, was great friends with the Queen Mother. They frequently stayed at Birkhall, the-then Queen Mother’s Scottish retreat, where Camilla was treated by the royal matriarch as “one of us”. 

Camilla could never have imagined, as she lunched in the cosy dining room, that one day it would be her Scottish home, too. When she married Charles in 2005, she thought she would merely lend support to the man she loved.

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