Rare Skeleton Of Dinosaur That Inspired The Velociraptor From ‘Jurassic Park’ Sells For $12.4 Million


A uncommon skeleton of the dinosaur that was the prototype for Jurassic Park’s Velociraptor offered for $12.4 million at Christie’s late Thursday night, greater than double expectations, illustrating that the marketplace for dinosaur bones remains to be sizzling, regardless of controversy amongst scientists and researchers who broadly imagine skeletons and fossils ought to keep out of personal palms.

Key Facts

The skeleton, dubbed “Hector” after the Trojan warrior in The Iliad, is essentially the most full skeleton ever discovered of the Deinonychus antirrhopus dinosaur, which roamed the earth between 108 million to 115 million years in the past, the public sale home stated.

The occasion marked the first-ever look of a Deinonychus fossil at public sale, in accordance with Christie’s, which estimated the skeleton would promote for between $4 million and $6 million.

Complete Deinonychus fossils are among the many rarest of all dinosaur skeletons, and Hector is the one full specimen in non-public palms, in accordance with Christie’s (two others reside in museum collections).

Hector’s profitable $12.4 million bid (with charges) far exceeds that preliminary presale estimate, persevering with a years-long pattern of high-dollar dinosaur gross sales at public sale, essentially the most notable being “Stan,” the Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton that fetched $31.8 million in 2020 and set a report for the best worth paid for dinosaur fossils.

Surprising Fact

The Deinonychus dinosaurs featured in Jurassic Park have been known as “Velociraptors” within the movies, however the phrases really refer to 2 utterly completely different species. Michael Crichton, who wrote the novels on which the franchise relies, stated he was drawn to how dramatic the title was. In actuality, Velociraptors have been far much less aggressive than Deinonychus dinosaurs and have been doubtless in regards to the measurement of turkeys, in accordance with Christie’s.

Key Background

Despite the recognition of dinosaur bones at public sale, many researchers and scientists condemn the sale of fossils to personal collectors, which they are saying can forestall the skeletons from being studied by consultants and conceal the fossils away from most of the people. Concerns have additionally been raised in regards to the dinosaur bone market fueling the stealing and trafficking of skeletons in an effort to flip a revenue. Nicolas Cage and Leonardo DiCaprio are among the many high-profile collectors who’ve reportedly purchased prehistoric bones. Cage agreed to return the $276,000 cranium of a Tyrannosaurus bataar dinosaur in 2015 after it was discovered to have been beforehand stolen. He reportedly beat DiCaprio in a bidding battle at public sale for the fossil.

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