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Save Up to 40% Off Workout Clothes

AT THIS point, there’s no way you don’t know what On Running is or how it’s taken over the world. Just look around you: Someone is probably wearing the athleisure brand‘s hero item—the all-day-every-day Cloud 5—right now. But how did it all come to be? Well, it all started with the 20 Grand Slam holder Roger Federer and his involvement in developing performance apparel made for athletes. From running shoes designed with circular pods at the sole to workout clothes that cater to your activity and body needs, On Running’s fitness gear is made for serious active folks who won’t sacrifice either style or performance. And if you want to dip your toes—or get deeper—into Federer’s Swiss-based brand, On Running’s perennial sale section, titled “On Classics“, lets you do that easy peasy, with discounts up to 40% off.

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On Running Cloudboom

Now 30% Off

Weather Jacket

On Running Weather Jacket

Now 32% Off

Waterproof Shorts

On Running Waterproof Shorts

Now 40% Off

Waterproof Anorak

On Running Waterproof Anorak

Now 50% Off

Insulator Jacket

On Running Insulator Jacket

Now 43% Off

Hybrid Shorts

On Running Hybrid Shorts

Now 40% Off

Comfort Long-T

On Running Comfort Long-T

Now 40% Off

Waterproof Pants

On Running Waterproof Pants

Now 40% Off

Merino Beanie

On Runnig Merino Beanie

Now 30% Off

Here is where you’ll find some of the brand’s best-selling and top-rated styles on sale. And right now, it’s got cold-season workout outerwear and gym shorts galore. Both the Insulated Jacket and Weather Jacket that will winter-proof you for any outdoor adventure, for instance, are 40% off. Its tech performance Hoodie and next-level comfort Crew Neck will become your wardrobe basic this season for much less as well. And then there are On Running’s sneakers—the Cloudboom runners and Cloud Hi everyday kick—which are both up to 40% off.

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So if On Running’s starstruck history with the GOAT hasn’t won you over, these massive deals on some of the best fitness apparel and accessories you’ll find, hopefully, will. But because the pieces included in “On Classics” are all last-chance items whose inventory is constantly being depleted due to popular demand, you’ll only have so much time before that workout gear you like but hesitate to buy is gone for good. So don’t dilly-dally and just buy them now. These On Running deals on workout clothes and sneakers are seriously too good to miss.


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