Skims Black Friday Sale

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Whether or not you’re a fan of the Kardashians, even the most hardened of hearts can appreciate unbelievably soft yet incredibly attractive loungewear and undergarments. No longer are sweatpants your only option when Netflix and chilling. Kim’s brand, Skims, has a glam factor off the charts, evoking memories of house dressing in decades past.

While the Kardashians are famous for publicly sharing their private lives, Skims is notoriously elusive in sharing details of the giant sale, starting today, but if you want to get everything on your wishlist (and in your size), don’t wait because the stock is selling out fast. Yes, the frenzy might be a little silly, until you’ve worn Soft Lounge dresses for a week straight and realize you’re hooked.

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The entire Soft Lounge line might be my favorite, but the aforementioned Soft Lounge dresses have also achieved a cult following as evidenced on Tik Tok and social media. They’re also available in Shimmer and Sculpt versions, and a variety of sleeve lengths.

The entire shiny, sparkly holiday shop. Pink is the new red.

Skims Cotton and Cotton Rib

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer 100% cotton panties for everyday wear. While alas there’s no multi-packs available yet, you can score three for $36. These are also offered in thongs to boy-brief styles, so a fit for anyone. The cotton lines also include T-shirts and apparel.

Admittedly, some of the styles are a little ridiculous (like, why bother?) but the Fits Everybody stretchy-fabric line is one of the brands most popular. Happy to report these panties are finally available in 5-packs too.

One item not-to-miss is the Skims robes, just difficult to choose between the Cozy Knit, Velour, or Soft Lounge styles on this. They’re available in unisex styling and pretty plaid prints, for anyone on your list. Warning: when gifting these, you should expect to be met with squeals of joy.

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