South Australia lightning causes blackouts and train delays

Almost 100,000 lighting strikes put on a stunning 24-hour show, as ominous storm clouds rolled in and cast Adelaide into darkness.

Resident Stacey Jones said she “could hear the electricity flowing through it”.

South Australians have snapped a spectacular spring lightning show.
South Australians have snapped a spectacular spring lightning show. (9News)

“I’ve never heard that in my life before,” Jones said.

Power was cut to 25,000 homes and businesses as bolts bore down on the Eyre and Yorke peninsulas, Adelaide and into the south-east.

Resident Ann Barblett said the whole sky “was just alight with lightning”.

“So I screamed and luckily for my housemates it was covered by the biggest clap of thunder,” she said.

There were bad delays for train passenger with lightning blamed for stopping signalling systems on all Adelaide Metro lines during the morning peak.

“The thing about signalling is it’s something you cant get wrong because if you get it wrong the consequences are catastrophic,” Transport Minister Tom Koutsantonis said.

Residents at The Escort Way in Forbes woke up to find a kangaroo sheltering from floodwaters in the front of their house. Despite  flooding the family have decided to stay put because they have animals to care for.

Roo seeks shelter from floods inside shocked family’s house

While Adelaide residents experienced milder conditions today, more thunderstorms are on the horizon for the city.

“There is another low and the trough moving across on Saturday,” the Bureau of Meteorology’s Tom Boeck said.

“So we’ll see shower and thunderstorm activity again on Saturday.”

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