Sunnies Face Fluffmatte Review 2022: 5 Glamour Editors Try the Matte Lipstick—Photos

Sunnies Face may have just launched in the United States, but for many beauty obsessives the Filipino makeup and skin-care brand needs no introduction. Case in point: When I told my coworkers over Slack that we would be testing the brand’s signature Fluffmatte lipstick, I was met with an enthusiastic “OMG,” along with praise like “obsessed,” and “love.” 

The power of Sunnies Face is no secret. The brand first launched in the Philippines in 2018 and quickly became a phenomenon after the debut of Fluffmatte, which tested 350 colors and 22 formulas before landing on 15 highly pigmented and universally flattering shades. According to the brand, Fluffmatte’s first launch sold out months’ worth of inventory in the first few weeks, with one tube of Fluffmatte lipstick selling every 30 seconds in the Philippines. 

It didn’t take long for Sunnies Face to generate worldwide buzz. As a Filipino American beauty editor, I’d heard about the velvety magic of the Fluffmatte lipstick for years. Fans on social media praise its hydrating matte formula for the smooth mousselike texture that delivers high color payoff with no drying cracks or creases. Many of my Fil-Am beauty friends were lucky enough to score a tube while on a trip to the Philippines—or in Glamour commerce manager editor Shanna Shipin’s case, get a Tita (a term of endearment used for an auntlike figure in your life) to buy one for you and ship it to your address. 

It’s very rare to find makeup catered toward Southeast Asian skin tones, sometimes even within Southeast Asian communities themselves. Sunnies Face cofounder Georgia Wilson knows this better than anyone and set out to create a line that fills this significant gap. “Living in the Philippines, we saw the need for a beauty brand that was inclusive of Southeast Asian skin tones,” she tells Glamour. “The Philippines has such a strong cultural love for beauty, but there were so few options of beauty products that were designed with our different skin tones in mind. We also wanted to address the gap we saw in the market of brands for professional makeup artists versus the casual makeup consumer, creating something that could work for all levels of beauty lover.”

Needless to say, the brand’s U.S. launch has been a long time coming. Wilson credits support from the Fil-Am community, along with celebrity makeup artists who have used Fluffmatte on clients like Alexa Demie, Chloë Grace Moretz, and Kate Bosworth, for making this major market expansion possible. 

“For years, we’ve had U.S. customers finding creative ways to get our products in the States, asking their friends and family to bring it back from their travels, so it’s really special to finally be available here and meet that demand,” Wilson says. “We’re so thrilled to see the support too, not just from the Filipino community, but from the many celebrities, makeup artists and influential names who have been fans of the brand and continue to show their love for what we are doing.”

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