Swiss Watch Brand H. Moser & Cie Teams With The Armoury For Special Edition Watch In The Men’s Exclusive Fashion World

The worlds of watches and exclusive men’s fashion are so inextricably tied to one another – thanks to shared values of looking good, feeling good and making your own personal statement – that it is unusual that more watch brands haven’t teamed with fashion houses or retailers than we have witnessed. Now, though, H. Moser & Cie. aims to change that with its new affiliation with The Armoury stores that specialize in bespoke men’s clothing, shoes and leather goods.  Together, these two forces are unveiling the new Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse watch to be sold at the Armoury stores in Hong Kong and New York, and online.

The match between these two brands is incredibly symbiotic as both brands are incredibly dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and elegance. The Armoury is a specialized menswear retailer that curates only the finest designs for its eponymous label and smaller brand names in the store. H. Moser is an independent brand that also specializes in small-batch exclusive watches that are handmade and crafted to perfection. Classic styling with a visionary and dramatic edge best defines the styles of these two and it comes together beautifully in the Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse $25,900 limited edition watch. 

The watch, created in two models – one all stainless steel and one in stainless steel and rose gold – boasts a Vantablack® dial that is the deepest most intense black that can be found on a dial thanks to the way the material absorbs 99.96 percent of the light. It is dramatically highlighted by a bright inner bezel that acts as a halo around the dial – much like the sun’s corona during a total solar eclipse – hence the name. The watch is the result of a partnership that started in 2019 and the ensuing collaboration. 

According to Edouard Meylan, CEO of H. Moser & Cie, in a private interview, this is the first fashion involvement the brand has entered into “ We have collaborated with artists, customers, retailers, clubs and watch brands in the past but never in the world of fashion. That’s the idea of collaborations, explore new territories and sources of inspirations. The Armoury allowed us to create something we would have never done by taking inspiration from their universe.  The Armoury is more than a retailer, they have become a brand with their own style, their curating expertise, their eye anticipating trends and their highest level of service. They are curators, they know how to combine styles, accessories and fabrics.”

The minimalist style of the Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse watch recalls makes it the quintessential cress watch. Add to that, though, the sun-inspired markings and the corona-like bezel edge f the Vantablack® dial (made of carbon nanostructures)  and you have a mesmerizing timepiece. The 38mm watch is powered by the hand-wound HMC 327 caliber that offers small seconds at 6:00 and that recalls the elegance of the pocket watch era. The timepiece is finished with a stunning textured leather strap made for (and in collaboration with) The Armoury and H. Moser by Jean Rousseau.

According to Mark Cho, co-founder of The Armoury,   “When Edouard and I first started talking about the idea of making a watch together, my main requirement was that it was [to be] small. I like watches that are discreet but reveal a deeper complexity if you pay them some attention. To me, H. Moser & Cie.’s fumé dial and Vantablack® dial are iconic and I wanted to work with one of them as a starting point for the design. Quickly, I started to favor the Vantablack® and I had the idea to add markings to the dial somehow. My design partner: Elliot Hammer, suggested that we imagine the design with the theme of a total solar eclipse. Thus, the Endeavour Small Seconds Total Eclipse was born.’’





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