SWS: Vaccine skepticism continues to decline

The national Social Weather Survey of December 12–16, 2021, found only 8% of adult Filipinos saying they are unwilling (1% probably not and 7% surely not) to get vaccinated against COVID-19, down from the 18% (4% probably not, 14% surely not) in September 2021, 21% (3% probably not, 18% surely not) in June 2021, and 33% (7% probably not, 26% surely not) in May 2021.

The December 2021 survey also found only 6% saying they are uncertain about getting vaccinated, down from the 19% in September 2021, 24% in June 2021, and 35% in May 2021.

On the other hand, the December survey found 50% of adults reporting they got at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. This total consists of 38% reporting they received two doses of the vaccine and 13% reporting they received one dose, correctly rounded.

The percentage of those reporting they got at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine has steadily increased from 10% (3% two doses, 7% one dose) in June 2021 and 35% (25% two doses, 10% one dose) in September 2021.

Of those unvaccinated, the December 2021 survey found 35% willing to get vaccinated, consisting of 33% saying they will surely get vaccinated and 3% saying they will probably get vaccinated.

Vaccine skepticism falls in all areas

Compared to September 2021, the percentage of those unwilling to get vaccinated fell in all areas.

It fell in Metro Manila, down from 7% (2% probably not, 5% surely not) to 4% (1% probably not, 3% surely not) [Chart 2].

It fell in Balance Luzon, down from 15% (3% probably not, 12% surely not) to 8% (1% probably not, 7% surely not).

It fell in the Visayas, down from 24% (7% probably not, 17% surely not) to 15% (3% probably not, 13% surely not).

It also fell in Mindanao, down from 25% (4% probably not, 21% surely not) to 8% (3% probably not, 5% surely not).

On the other hand, the percentage of those reporting they received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine (% two doses and % one dose) rose in all areas.

It rose in Metro Manila, up from 71% (61% two doses, 10% one dose) to 81% (75% two doses, 6% one dose).

It rose in Balance Luzon, up from 36% (22% two doses, 13% one dose, correctly rounded) to 52% (39% two doses, 13% one dose).

It rose in the Visayas, up from 21% (15% two doses, 6% one dose) to 37% (27% two doses, 10% one dose).

It also rose in Mindanao, up from 25% (16% two doses, 8% one dose, correctly rounded) to 40% (22% two doses, 18% one dose).

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