Tens of thousands without power as severe storms unleash across Australia’s south

Heavy storms have smashed into Adelaide, leaving tens of thousands of homes without power, and the severe weather system is moving into Victoria, where people have been warned of the risk of epidemic thunderstorm asthma on Sunday.
Thunderstorms generated more than 100,000 lightning strikes and heavy falls in South Australia

Across the state, 80,000 homes have been left without power, and there are warnings some of those residents won’t have their supply restored until Monday.

A severe storm warning for damaging winds, large hail and heavy rain remains in place for a large area of the state, including Adelaide.

Suburbs including Port Noarlunga were among those battered by the weather system this afternoon.

Hundreds of thousands of people lined the parade’s circuit with their umbrellas to take part in the festive fun.

NSW State Emergency Service (SES) volunteers are bracing for declining weather conditions over the next 48 hours.

“Through Sunday and Monday we are prepping for a large amount of rainfall as a result of severe storms which are predicted to come through the state which unfortunately could lead to renewed riverine flooding and dangerous flash flooding,” Assistant Commissioner Nicole Hogan said.

”The NSW SES is urging residents to not drive or play in floodwaters.

“The risk of flooded roads poses a very dangerous risk in already flood-affected communities where rivers are full and all additional water will run off and cause some areas to flood very quickly.”

Volunteers are working to resupply several communities isolated by flooding.

Hogan said this was a very complex and evolving situation.

“The size of the area is about 40,000 square kilometres – more than half the size of Tasmania,” she said.
Canberra is forecast to receive as much as 60 millimetres of rain.
Ray Cross ferries a neighbour out of floodwater in Echuca East in October 2022. (Jason South)

Severe storms are also possible, bringing damaging winds and large hail.

After dropping to 14 degrees overnight, it should reach 23 tomorrow.

Showers will intensify over Melbourne at about midnight tonight, bringing the risk of severe storms.

There should be some dry patches during the morning, before showers return around midday.

Totals of up to 20 millimetres are forecast, and it’ll be warmer than today, heading for 26C.

Some Victorians have also been warned of a potentially dangerous thunderstorm asthma event on Sunday.

“A high risk of epidemic thunderstorm asthma has been forecast for the Northern Country and North Central districts,” the Department of Health said in a statement.

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“The combination of forecast extreme grass pollen levels and a certain type of thunderstorm with strong winds means there is a chance a large number of people may develop asthma symptoms over a short period of time.”

All other areas of the state have a moderate risk for Sunday. 

People with asthma or hay fever should carry medication and stay inside before and during the storms.

Anyone who suffers from asthma or hay fever can monitor the forecast on the VicEmergency app.

Adelaide can also expect afternoon showers and possible storms, with up to 10 millimetres of rain and a top of 23C.
Hobart is heading for 16C with showers increasing in the afternoon, with up to 10 millimetres.
There will be sunny skies in Brisbane, with the city heading of a top of 29C tomorrow.
A partly cloudy day with a top of 23C is in store for Perth, while Darwin residents can expect a top of 34C with a few showers and the chance of a thunderstorm.

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