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The 44 Best Must-Have Amazon Products

There are times when you can pop down to the bodega for a roll of paper towels, or head to the local hardware store for some security-deposit-saving spackle. However, there are also times where you find yourself in need of, say, specialty toothpaste, an Obama shrimp magnet, a giant can of Castelvetrano olives, a Danny Devito couch pillow, or a grill for your pontoon boat. For that, dear readers, there is but one place to begrudgingly go: Amazon

Amazon’s vast universe of big-brand products, practical wares, gadgets, and random shit, for lack of a better term, is pretty crazy. Its huge inventory has such a wild variety of things that it’s hard for shoppers to know exactly which products rock, and which are decidedly janky. The insurmountably huge and complicated world of Amazon’s depths is made even more convoluted by the massive amount of knockoff merch and “hidden” items (think: “MæL3 Ma$tübat0rs”) that could be surprisingly awesome and affordable… or be total garbage. Since Amazon isn’t always 100-percent reliable in terms of quality, there needs to be a way to discern between the “screenshot you send to the group chat for a laugh” items and the “add to your cart right now and don’t worry about your bank statement” products. But that’s what the reviews are for—after all, the reviews section does tend to be bangin’—and that’s also where we come in.

We spend a medically inadvisable amount of time testing products and poring over Amazon reviews, ratings, and recommendations to bring you the crème de la crème of “cult-fave” everything, from affordable Theragun alternatives and luxury sex toys to hard-to-find home goods, beloved beauty products, WFH essentials, and more. That’s why we put together this running list of some of the internet’s favorite Amazon products that have garnered serious online followings from happy customers and enthusiastic raters and reviewers—all of them have cumulative ratings of at least 4.5 out of 5 stars, and we’ve tried (and loved) almost every single one of them ourselves. Peruse at your leisure, and from our cart to yours, enjoy. 

The Imarku Chef Knife made our editor a better cook

If you haven’t upgraded your knives since that starter pack you bought at IKEA sophomore year of college, it’s time, yo. While there are plenty of options out there for fancy chef’s knives for under $100, this Imarku knife on Amazon reigns supreme for affordability and sharpness, garnering more than 9,000 five-star ratings. Rec Room editor Ian Burke swears by it, writing that “with an ergonomic handle and more than 9,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, this ultra-affordable chef’s knife is the way to go if you’re just dipping your toe into the knife game.” (And to reiterate, this thing is sharp, so please note that Band-Aids are not included.)

$39.99 at Amazon

Zinus’s Wen Wood Bed Frame is West Elm-worthy but Amazon-cheap

One of our editors purchased this bed as her [gasp] very first bed frame, and found it was both easy to assemble and so stylish; since, all of her friends (yes, all two of them) have ordered it as well. “If you want a wooden bed frame that looks expensive and takes 20 minutes to put together, it’s perfect,” she says. “It’s also high enough off of the ground to offer space for storage, but still leans on the low-slung side of bed frame heights, which I always think looks more chic and breathable in a bedroom.” The Zinus also has over 14,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, because you get so much aesthetic bang for your buck. “Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!” writes one customer. “This baby is SOLID wood.”

$199 at Amazon

The Satisfyer Pro 2 is the ultimate cult-fave sex toy

If there’s any other sex toy (besides, perhaps, the Hitachi Magic Wand) that has garnered a bigger cult following than the Satisfyer Pro 2, please slide into our DMs. “As much as I wanted to find a bone to pick with the Satisfyer Pro 2, I get why this toy is a mainstay in ‘best sex toys’ lists,” writes Mary Frances Knapp for Rec Room. “It’s versatile, and an ideal clitoral toy for beginner and experienced sex toy users.” This is the best-selling sex toy for VICE readers, and likely the best-selling clitoral suction toy of all time—and yep, you can buy it on Amazon.

$39.95 at Amazon

This RENPHO eye massager cured our writer’s screen-time headaches

If you feel like your head has a giant metal clamp on it after staring at your laptop and phone all day, this cult-fave eye massager is just the ticket to releasing all that tension and restoring peace and quiet in your head. Our staff writer Nicolette Accardi bought one after years of headaches and wrote, “As soon as I strapped in and turned it on, the upper half of my face and head simply felt like it was resting in a padded steam room, in the best way possible.” With a cumulative rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars from more than 6,000 reviews on Amazon, this “heated vibrator” for your head is offering a lot of people relief from the bad screen(s).

$109.99$69.99 at Amazon

Xenvo’s Pro Lens Kit makes your cell pics better—and makes you hotter on Zoom

Hate looking fugly in Zoom calls? Us, too—that’s where the Xenvo Pro Lens Kit swoops in to save the day. For a measly 45 bones, Rec Room director Hilary Pollack grabbed this clip-on lens that not only makes you look better on video calls (several people in the VICE office use it now!), but also doubles as a wide angle and macro lens for shooting high-quality photos on your phone. With more than 15,000 stellar reviews, it’s a #1 Amazon best seller in cell phone attachments and accessories. “​​This looks like something I might have purchased for my SLR. Very nice,” writes one reviewer. “And they give me excellent options when taking photos…which adds to my creativity. They are practical as well because now I can take wide angle shots that capture far more of the view–enabling me to take pictures of more people in a small room, for example.”

$39.99 at Amazon

Loop’s ear plugs saved our staffer from getting tinnitus at a metal festival

Now that the world is opening up again, we’ve been trying to make up for lost time by going to as many concerts as we can. The only downside? Our hearing. While you might be able to get those $1 foam ear plugs from the bar, you’re way better off going with Loop ear plugs, which are a big hit on Amazon for their noise-reduction capabilities and cool, Klingon-jewelry-esque design. “After taking them to three hardcore shows, a Kool & the Gang fireworks extravaganza, a goth show, and an entire metal festival, I’m a huge fan,” Rec Room’s Hilary Pollack writes, explaining that the plugs reduce sound by “an amount significant enough to protect your hearing, but that still allows you to hear your friend leaning over and asking if you’d like another tequila soda.” They might not be the cheapest ear plugs you can get on Amazon, but they are the absolute best bang for your buck, especially for wearing to concerts and loud live events.

$29.95 at Amazon

Olsky’s Massage Gun is the ideal Theragun dupe (for way less money)

Hitting the gym harder in 2022? We feel you, and your muscles feel you, too. Blast away the pain with a cheap—but very effective—percussion recovery gun, which has become a VICE reader fave for those seeking a powerful Theragun-esque massage with a lower price tag. “This affordable Theragun alternative rocks,” Ian Burke writes for Rec Room in his review of the Olsky Massage Gun. “It’s the perfect home workout accessory or gift for a fitness-focused loved one, especially if you’re not in the mood to drop a paycheck on a body blaster.” More than 4,000 reviewers have given it a cumulative 4.5-star rating—not too shabby.

$49.99$42.99 at Amazon

Advenor’s exercise bike is a super-affordable way to work out in your living room

Look, your fitspo Instagram page isn’t going to blow up unless you’re on your #grind. For at-home cardio that won’t upset your neighbors (see: jumping rope in your living room) we suggest picking up this ADVENOR Exercise Bike. With a smooth and quiet flywheel, an adjustable resistance knob, a heads-up display, and a 4.5-star rating from almost 4,000 reviews,  you’ll be burning calories and posting sweaty selfies in no time. 

$169.99 at Amazon

The HUANUO Lap Desk is the most essential WFH accessory

We’re not sure when the “lap desk” was invented, but there was certainly no better time for it to garner popularity as a WFH accessory than during the last two years. For those of us who either don’t have a “real” desk or simply choose to work from the couch despite having a perfectly good one (we can’t help ourselves), a lap desk is a lifesaver. When we came across this HUANUO lap desk with a pillow bottom, wrist pad, and phone slot, we instantly understood when it’s so popular (and highly rated). It’s the perfect size for lounging all around the house, and reviewers praise its lightweight design and cushiony feel. “I don’t know how I ever lived without it,” reads one top review.

$29.79 at Amazon

Honeydew’s Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow solved our editor’s existential crisis

When it comes to getting good sleep, many of us are very particular about the perfect mattress, the best bed sheets, and the products that help us doze off—and stay dozin‘. That’s why when we find a pillow that’s the Goldilocks of support, softness, and shape, we wanna hold on to it, take it everywhere, and gift it to our loved ones. Honeydew’s Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow is just that—the ideal pillow for side sleepers, thanks to its cooling copper gel memory foam fill and head-cradling curvy shape. It’s truly changed the game for not just hundreds of stoked reviewers, but also an esteemed member of the Rec Room team.

$99.99 at Amazon

The reliable iHealth COVID tests you should stock up on now

Crowded-indoor-stuff season is about to reach its peak, and with it, the colds, flus, and COVID cases that follow evenings spent gathering around shared charcuterie platters, dips, and arguments about the inheritance. Keeping COVID tests handy isn’t just wise—it’ll save your ass when you wake up with a sore throat and don’t want to have to haul your weary bod to a CVS to pick up a pack. iHealth’s test are super highly rated and reliable, it’s a great time to throw ‘em in your Amazon cart and stock up. 

$17.98 at Amazon

Pheromone-infused oil that just might make you a babe magnet

Can you douse yourself in sex appeal? The over 63,000 Amazon reviews on this pheromone perfume—which one of our writers took for a (successful) test run—have a lot to say on the matter, from the it-saved-my-marriage reviews to stories about becoming a walking sex magnet in the grocery store. 

$23.95$16.95 at Amazon

The Coolify portable air conditioner that will save you on sweaty summer days

The Torras portable neck fan has a 4.1-star average rating on Amazon from over 3,100 reviews, and is a favorite of VICE editor Mary Frances “Francky” Knapp, who uses it to cool-off during hikes, subway platform waits, and in places with no AC. Amazon users praise how lightweight, and effective it is for everything from post-gym sweats to hot flashes. 

$169$149 at Amazon

The hangover-helping hydration powder that’s a true “Liquid I.V.”

We’ve all been there: You awaken to a dry mouth, sweaty forehead, pounding brain, and storm of existential anxiety. That’s right, bish: You’ve got a gnarly hangover. We tested the best hydration powders for managing the morning after, and Liquid I.V. received top marks. It’s also great for pre- or post-workout, and for taking with you when you’re traveling, under the weather, or any other time you could use a boost of vitamins and electrolytes. 

$25.19 at Amazon

The easiest way to make perfect eggs forever (for less than $20)

You’ve seen it on TikTok—now, bring the magic home by becoming a brunch god thanks to this super-affordable and handy Dash gadget that cooks eggs to perfection any way you want ‘em—even deviled! It’s less than 20 bucks, comes in a range of charming pastel shades (and basics like black and white), and does hard boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and even individual omelets.

$16.99 at Amazon

The retro-cool Koss headphones that have taken over TikTok

They’re lightweight, fold-up fast, and make you feel like Linda Hamilton in the 1980s. So writes one VICE editor in her review of the beige Porta Pro headphones, which have earned a 4.5-star average rating on Amazon from over 1,100 reviews. As one reviewer writes, “I’ve been through the gamut of the mid-fi suggestions…You can wear these all day, every day. Your ears won’t get hot and you won’t have a sore spot on the top of your head after 2 hours like you would with whatever the heavy ‘recommendation’ of the week is. It feels so good to have finally found the headphone I can grab for any occasion or genre.” 

$59.99 at Amazon

A sunset lamp that will give you a winter-months mood boost

We bought one of those TikTok-viral sunset lamps just to feel something during lockdown, and apparently, y’all did too. The Balkwan sunset lamp has earned a 4.4-star average rating on Amazon from over 400 reviews, where fans write that it’s “everything I ever dreamed [of],” whether you’re trying to add instant ambiance to a room or take a dewy, poreless selfie. 

$21.99 at Amazon

A set of Duralex glass tumblers that look chic but are virtually unbreakable

These Duralex tumblers are the GOAT of all-purpose glassware. One of VICE’s editors swears by them for everything from sipping wine to mixing aioli, and Amazon shoppers agree that they’re the most glassware bang for your buck. This set of six has a 4.5-star average rating on the site from over 1,100 reviews, where one fan writes that they “also stack-up nicely.”  

$22.50$16.55 at Amazon

A mouse mover to make it look like you’re working hard (when you’re hardly working)

Capitalism works hard, but the commune works harder. This TikTok-viral mouse jiggler is a favorite WFH hack on Amazon because it will wiggle your mouse around in order to give Big Brother the impression that you’re active on your computer. It has a 4.6-star average rating on Amazon, where one fan writes, “the movements are random [and] the mouse sort of bounces back and forth between the bumpers makes the movement on the screen appear very random and natural.” 

$49.99 at Amazon

The non-alcoholic Suntory beer that also has zero calories

Sometimes you wanna kick back with a brewski, but don’t wanna risk a DUI, hangover, or evening of otherwise bad behavior—and that’s where the best non-alcoholic beers come in. There are plenty to choose from these days, but what sets Suntory’s All-Free apart is that it doesn’t even contain any calories. It’s the Fresca of perfectly acceptable-tasting beer alternatives; does no harm, does the job. That’s why our readers love it, and it’s extra-handy that you can buy it on Amazon. 

$18.43$15.88 at Amazon

This reusable spiral-motion Tenga masturbator that has killer reviews

Why are easy-to-clean male sex toys so hard to find? The Tenga Spinner has a 4.2-star average rating, and is the cream of crop when it comes to the best toys for penis-owners; so many of the over 7,700 Amazon reviewers write that clean-up is a breeze, and the textured inner-sleeve feels amazing. “Also, [I] have to say that a lot of design intent went into this,” one reviewer writes, “They include a vented stand you can pull out to dry the toy, and I love that it has a case to keep it clean between uses.”

$24.30 at Amazon

Marvis’s Rambas Toothpaste makes brushing your teeth a tropical vacay

Fancy toothpaste is a perfect example of something we’d buy on Amazon: It’s an add-to-cart moment that, while certainly worthwhile, might not be worth a hunt around town on its own. Thankfully, for those of us who are frighteningly deep into the luxury toothpaste game, Amazon stocks the cult-fave Italian brand Marvis. So, if you’ve been curious to break away from the standard drugstore stuff and try jasmine-mint, licorice-, cardamom-, or even tropical-fruit-flavored toothpaste, here’s your chance. The Rambas flavor is a huge fave of ours—and many other happy customers—with one memorable review stating, “It does not taste like banana candy or children’s toothpaste, it tastes like a $100 cocktail you’d get at a five-star tropical resort.” We’re sold.

$10.50 at Amazon

Certain Dri’s antiperspirant is the best sweat-stopper you can get OTC

Are you sweaty? Like, really sweaty? Then the Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant, which over 17,000 formerly sweat-drenched folks on Amazon say does not fuck around (we’re paraphrasing), is your best bet. You apply it at night, and it’s literally a doctor-recommended treatment for hyperhidrosis (the fancy medical term for excessive sweating).

$5.67 at Amazon

Tabino Yado’s Hot Springs Milky Bath Salts turn your bath into a Japanese spa

Loads of products on Amazon have 4.5-star ratings, which is about the best you can get, but only a select few have the coveted five-star mark. That’s the case with these top-rated, “milky” Japanese bath salts, which are an affordable luxury that transforms your bathtub into a fragrant, relaxing, pastel-colored spa, for an “onsen at home” experience.

$12.99 at Amazon

​​Überlube might just be the best lube ever

The lube to rule all lubes. Granted, there are many factors to keep in mind when finding the right lubrication for you and your horny holes, from sex toy and condom material to your own ingredient preferences—but if you’re on the lookout for a silicone-based solution, Überlube ist der König. “Genuinely the best lube I have ever used, and I’ve tried a lot of them,” writes one Amazon customer about the brand, which has over 25,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. “It’s silky smooth, doesn’t dry up, [it] isn’t sticky, and [it] doesn’t start getting uncomfortable or itchy after you’re done with it. I wholeheartedly recommend it.”

$19.99 at Amazon

TOPMAX’s KN95 face masks were lifesavers during Omicron

Just because you’re being careful doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your ~aesthetic~. This 25-pack of black, five-ply KN95 masks are not only great for helping protect yourself, but go with virtually every outfit and style. Safety is sexy, folks, and the 4,285 shoppers who gave this pack a 4.5-star rating agree.

$5 at Amazon

Njoy’s Pure Wand is a dreamy stainless steel sex toy 

This stainless steel wand is a proclaimed desert island sex toy by actual sex workers, because it requires zero batteries and has a deceptively simple, multi-tasking design: You can use the wand as a traditional dildo and use the curvature to target your G-spot, or use it for anal play as well. “Both ends offer different sensations,” writes one Amazon reviewer, “the smaller for precise direct pressure, and the larger for full-feeling heaviness. It [also] requires very little lubricant to last a long time.”

$73 at Amazon

BISSELL’s Zing vacuum vastly improved our staff writer’s quality of life

Are you a moderately responsible adult who just wants a clean house, but you’re not quite ready to throw down hundreds on a Dyson vacuum? We gave the best-selling Bissell Zing an honest review, and found it to be a legit powerhouse for its shockingly affordable price tag. For the cost of a lobster dinner, you can take home a vacuum capable of sucking carpets, tiles, floors, and all those hard-to-reach, dust-bunny-filled corners, and keeping them squeaky clean. The vacuum has a 4.5-star rating from over 23,000 reviews on Amazon, with many folks praising how lightweight it is and how easy the Zing is to clean. “It’s [not] even 10lbs,” writes one reviewer, “it wouldn’t matter much anyway bc of the huge wheels on the canister base. I can just pull it along behind me, no problem.”

$61.59 at Amazon

CeraVe’s tinted sunscreen is considered the GOAT

A healthy tan? Sexy. Skin cancer in your golden years? Decidedly un-sexy. With a 4.5-star average from 27,641 ratings, this CeraVe Tinted Sunscreen with SPF 30 provides serious, broad-spectrum protection with 100% mineral filter sunscreen, which instantly leaves skin with a healthy glow without any whitecast.

$9.99 at Amazon

Harney & Sons Paris Tea is downright exquisite

Another five-star whopper, this one is for the tea-heads. Harney & Sons’ beloved Paris tea can be tricky to track down in chain grocery stores, but has a rock-solid five-star rating on Amazon for a reason: It’s delicious, and you can get a generously sized 50-pack bag of the vanilla-caramel black tea sachets for just $19. Our editorial director is obsessed with this stuff, calling it her absolute fave, while reviews describe it as “heaven,” “EXQUISITE,” and “worth buying in bulk.”

$21.99 at Amazon

The Winco Blade Chinese Cleaver is what our writer uses to chop EVERYTHING

Contributing writer Adam Rothbarth is a huge fan of this super-affordable but heavy-duty cleaver, which he says is “surprisingly light for its size, but still packs a strong, thorough force when you bring it down on carrots, beets, or other tough-to-cut ingredients.” But he’s not the only one impressed with it; it’s a staple in restaurant kitchens all over the world.

$13.11$11.25 at Amazon

Sunbeam’s Heated Throw Blanket keeps us crazy-cozy

“I knew electric blankets existed before joining the Sunbeam family, but I’d never used one,” writes Mary Frances Knapp in a review of her much-loved electric blanket. “It’s been over a year since [and] I use it when I’m trying to fall asleep as a topper, or when I’m cuddling and watching movies on the couch all day.” It has almost 10,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, with customers in praise of everything from the blanket’s plushness to the automatic timer feature that makes it impossible to leave it switched on for more than a few hours.

$52.85 at Amazon

This DHC Skincare starter set

Our staff writer Mary Frances Knapp also swears by the Japanese skincare brand DHC, and this set in particular has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and Knapp’s personal stamp of approval. It includes a sample/travel size of the brand’s four-step routine products that includes the brand’s deep cleansing oil, mild soap, mild lotion, and virgin olive oil which all have their own cult-fave followings on Amazon as well—the cleansing oil alone has a 4.7-star rating from over 10,000 reviews, and that’s just the beginning. “I know everyone’s skin is different, but this regimen is damn near perfect,” she writes. “No colorants, no perfumes, just a job well did for oily and dry skin alike. It’s so good, it feels almost… stealthy?” If you’re looking to take your skincare routine a step further (but are still kind of lazy), it’s a game-changing regimen.

$16.50 at Amazon

Sabre’s pepper spray is the easiest to use—because you just might need it

No one wants to use pepper spray, of course, but it’s always a good idea to be prepared. There are actually loads of self-defense tools and weapons on Amazon, from tasers to noise makers and even bear spray, but only the Sabre pepper spray has a whopping 80,885 ratings and a 4.7-star average. The spray comes as a key chain and in a variety of colorways, and is easy to hold. “I decided to give the spray a test,” writes one reviewer. “I was SHOCKED at how far and with what strength the spray shot. Would EASILY be able to reach an attacker from 10-12 feet. I would not want to be on the receiving end of that infernal blast.”

$9.99 at Amazon

The affordable gold PAVOI hoops that are YouTube-famous

The cult of PAVOI jewelry is real, dude, because all of its 14-karat gold jewelry hits the same updated-classic note as higher-priced brands such as Mejuri or Catbird, but at a much more affordable price tag that doesn’t compromise on quality and presentation. Every item is shipped in a stylish box, and this pair has a nice amount of weight without feeling heavy on your ears. “10,000 [times] YES,” writes one of the over 34,000 reviewers for the best-selling earrings, “I saw them in a fellow YouTube Faves video and had to try them out for myself. Have you seen Niagara starring Marilyn Monroe? I honestly feel just as stunning as she.”

$13.95 at Amazon

A beanie for not losing your nephew

Everyone has to find a gift for the obligatory kid in their life at some point, and one of our editors purchased this light-up beanie for her four-year-old nephew for Christmas. “It was a big hit for both him and his parents,” she says. “His interests right now are digging for worms at night, and the color orange, so this is perfect for keeping him both warm, and well within their sight.” It has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon and over 600 reviews praising how much easier it makes walking at night and during the snow, and how easy it is to recharge with a USB port. “I also love that the orange is bright enough to see in the dark,” writes one reviewer. “And the light is very bright and has three settings. Great beanie!!”

$13.99 at Amazon

Maldon salt—the gourmet salt so good, “it is an almost surreal experience”

On the 8th day, God made Maldon salt. Seriously though, once you taste these mouthwatering salt flakes—be it on your breakfast or as the final touch to a gooey chocolate chip cookie—you’ll never want to live without them. With over 33,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating on Amazon, we think the savory world agrees that they slap. “I know more than average about salt,” writes one reviewer. “I read a book on it, and have tried some of the fine salts, smoked salts [but] I tried this for the first time on my poached eggs. Suddenly, I understand why, long ago, salt was so valuable it was used as currency. Yes, it was a clean, clear taste […] It is an almost surreal experience.”

$7.06 at Amazon

Moleskine notebooks, because you’re a literary genius

When it comes to the best planners and notebooks, Moleskine sets the standard. “If you want something timeless, it does not get better than [this],” writes Mary Frances Knapp for VICE about the best planners and notebooks. “The Italian brand’s journals feel more and more buttery with use, are easy to keep closed, and look mighty fine laying on your desk.” No wonder it has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon froma over 7,000 reviews.

$13.98 at Amazon

This deep tissue back massager is everyone’s favorite gift

We call it like we see it, and this neck and back massager by is always a best-seller for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Groundhog Day, and every other day-kinda gifts. It also has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and over 41,000 reviews.
Love is not a strong enough word, writes one reviewer, “I never would have thought that a neck massager could be this good but it literally feels like a person massaging you. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT!?!”

$45.99 at Amazon

The best men’s undies for ~enhancing~ your junk, courtesy of David Archy

There’s hella online discourse about how to make your penis appear larger, and the boxer briefs by David Archy are right there in the middle because they lift–but doesn’t flatten–all your goods. They have 4.5 stars on Amazon, almost 2,000 stellar ratings saying these are just the perfect pair of echancing boxers that feel not just comfortable but… at peace with the world? “I was concerned my meat would leave his private apartment to visit the potatoes,” wrote one reviewer, “I am happy to report that it hasn’t happened even once after have worn these for two weeks now. Now there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. Now my potatoes swing in their breathable hammock.”

$39.99 at Amazon

A tool for cleaning gunk out of your AirPods

The best thing about Amazon, besides the ability to get us a vibrator in less than 48 hours, is the wide breadth of INVENTIONS that we never knew existed; it’s truly like Shark Tank up in here, nonstop. One such genius problem-solving product is this cleaning pen specifically designed for getting all of the dust and earwax off of your AirPods or other ear buds of choice. Our contributing editor Marshall Bright named it one of her best purchases of the year, and it’s accrued almost 6,400 rock-solid reviews from happily degunked customers.

$6.19 at Amazon

The most iconic sunglasses: classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers

The Blues Brothers, Roy Orbison, Johnny Marr—Wayfarers have been rocked by some of the world’s most iconic cultural figures, characters, and musicians, and, yes, you can get ‘em on Amazon. Ray-Ban’s latest polarized RB2132 shades have a 4.6-star rating and over 5,000 stoked reviews on the site. “[They’re the] best all-around sunglasses I’ve ever owned,” writes one reviewer, “They’re built to last a long time, they’re comfortable over a long period of time (which is why they’re great driving glasses), they’re polarized which also makes them great for travel. Best of all the lenses are made out of real honest-to-goodness GLASS!”

$171 at Amazon

This $11 Paula’s Choice exfoliant deserves “100 stars”

Paula’s Choice is our choice, too. The viral skincare brand’s most iconic item is a gentle salicylic acid exfoliant with a 4.6-star rating and over 63,300 reviews on the Amazon, where reviewers have said it’s helped clear up rosacea, acne, excessive oil, and more. “I’ve been trying to turn my skin around for YEARS!! This was the product that did it. If I could give it 100 stars I would,” wrote one reviewer. Another fan said, “My face was in a terrible state before this product. I looked like an alligator, but not like those kinds Jimmy Choo wants. More like the kinds you find in the Florida Everglades. Those wild ones that snap at humans out of jealousy for their glowing, smooth skin […] I’ve been using the product exactly two weeks and applying twice daily as instructed. Let me tell you it has changed the game for me! I don’t make milkshakes so it has to be this exfoliate bringing all the boys to my yard.”

$11 at Amazon

TheraIce’s icy migraine mask/hangover helper

This gel migraine mask (which can be cooled in the freezer or warmed in the microwave) has a 4.5-star average rating on Amazon and over 9,100 reviews. Rec Room editor Mary Frances “Francky” Knapp tested out the TheraICE Rx migraine mask, and said “that not only can [it] stave off my petty hangover headaches and cure the plight of my fuggo, tired/puffy face, but it has also helped me stop migraines from going off the rails and ruining my day, thanks to its ability to get glacially cold and apply an even pressure around my entire head—kind of like a weighted blanket for your face.”

$34.95 at Amazon

Happy shopping! 

The Rec Room staff independently selected all of the stuff featured in this story. Want more reviews, recommendations, and red-hot deals? Sign up for our newsletter.

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