The Blaze: a tense ecothriller about a wildfire across Europe

The wildfire that swept across Europe this summer resonates through Quentin Reynaud’s The Blaze, a tense, subtly crafted eco-thriller in which a father and son struggle to escape from a local outbreak


26 October 2022

Awaiting clearance

André Dussollier and Alex Lutz play a father and son escaping from a wildfire

Marie-Camille Orlando

The Blaze (En Plein Feu)

Quentin Reynaud

Release pending

THIS summer, France recorded more wildfires than ever before, with over 62,000 hectares destroyed by 20 August. Since January, the area hit by wildfires in France is 7.5 times greater than the annual average of the 15 years up to 2021, with one huge fire near Bordeaux forcing 10,000 residents to flee.

The Blaze(En Plein Feu), a French film that debuted at the London …

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