The King of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning, Keywords, Reversed

The King of Pentacles tarot card is BDE personified. He has all the confidence (not arrogance!) and swagger due to his immense success. He has created a nice life for himself: financial abundance, job security with a solid title, and a lovely home with all of the domestic luxuries that exude ease and comfort, like high thread count sheets and light dimmers that are controlled via an iPad.

Not only has he maintained his own wealth, but he wants to help you do that for yourself as well. Everything he touches turns to gold because he knows a good investment opportunity when he sees one. All he wants is for YOU to succeed in all you do, bb. When you see this card in a reading, know that the King of Pentacles is encouraging your talents and abilities so you can create the life you love as well. If you need a little extra cash, an introduction to one of his connections, or wise advice, he’s got you.

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The King of Pentacles Keywords

Successful, generous, supportive, abundance, security, stability, provider

The King of Pentacles Upright

Be your own sugar daddy! How do you envision the life you want to live? No one is going to hand it to you, so it’s time to put in the work and focus on your long-term financial plan. How are you investing in yourself to create long-lasting abundance and stability? This is your priority right now, so remain mindful of your energy as well as your resources as you carefully consider your future.

There is an ease and a self-assured confidence that comes naturally to this card, especially around financial matters. Invoke the mindset that money flows easily to you, and let that self-reliance color every endeavor you take on. Your highest ambitions and inspirations will be successful, so as your abundance grows, remember to take time to enjoy the life you have created. After all, at the end of this lifetime, you can’t take all your money with you! Don’t be afraid to upgrade—You probably won’t remember exactly how much that experience cost, but you will remember how it made you feel. Share your abundance generously with those you love and those in need.

The King of Pentacles Reversed

It’s one thing to talk practically about your assets, but it’s a whole other thing to name-drop labels and flaunt excess in everyone’s faces. Does anyone really want to hang out with the crypto king who is constantly talking about his NFTs and posting pics of his Tesla on IG? (No. Cringe.) Showing off your wealth can be so gauche and just downright tacky. TBH, people who talk about money endlessly don’t usually have as much as they say.

Speaking of money, stinginess and greed are such turn-offs. Wanting more, more, MORE might drive you to gamble or take unnecessary risks with your money. Rather than being impulsive or unwise with your finances, take a slow and steady approach to grow your wealth. Reconsider that “hot tip” that promises a quick payday, because it will most likely crash sharply and leave you in the negative.

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