The most amazing coin treasures uncovered in 2021 (and one that’s still missing)

Saving for a rainy day is not a new idea. In 2021, archaeologists turned up a whole horde of hoards: stashes of coins and other valuables left behind for whatever reason and never used again. These treasures turned up in a Polish cornfield, in a meadow in New England, in a town in Denmark. They were left by royals, pirates, chieftains and people who will forever remain anonymous. 

Many of these hoards were discovered by lucky amateurs with metal detectors or sharp eyes. Some date back as far as 1,500 years. From good luck pennies to the biggest Anglo Saxon hoard ever found, here were some of the year’s most noticeable treasure troves.

Medieval gold coins and rings from a Polish cornfield

The medieval hoard contained thousands of silver coins and ingots. (Image credit: Adam Kędzierski)

In 1935, the biggest hoard of coins from the Middle Ages ever found in Poland was unearthed in the village of Słuszków. In late 2020, a visitor returned to the town to learn more about that hoard, and they ended up finding another one. 

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